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Viney Bushes are plants found in the Jungle biome in the Shipwrecked DLC. A Viney Bush can be harvested with a Machete to obtain a Vine. Harvested Viney Bushes regrow in 4 days. They are not affected by Winter cold. 

Some Viney Bushes contain Snake Dens. When these are approached, or attempted to be hacked with a Machete, Snakes will spawn and attack the offender. Additionally, the Snakes will leave the den at Dusk, roam around all night and go back to their den at dawn. Snake infested Viney Bushes will make hissing sounds and periodically shake, allowing them to be distinguished from normal Viney Bushes. Each Snake den contains up to 3 Snakes. If one or more of the Snakes are killed, a new one will spawn every 90 seconds to replace them.

Viney Bushes can be dug up with a Shovel and replanted elsewhere. Viney Bushes planted by players will not spawn snakes. Planted Viney Bushes require Fertilizers to grow. Using a Shears on a Viney Bush will result in 2 Vine instead of the usual one.

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  • If the bush is chopped down while the snakes are outside, the bush will look fully grown when the snakes return to it.
  • If a Snake Den Viney Bush withers during Dry Season, the bush will look fully grown when the snakes spawn.

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