Deep Rainforest

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

The foliage is so thick it has dimmed the light coming through.


The Deep Rainforest is a Biome exclusive to the Hamlet DLC which can be found on most islands. It usually connects to Rainforest and Gas Rainforest biomes.

It is characterized by its red leaf-like Turf, its abundant Rainforest Trees, Great Leafy Stalks, its Nettle Vines, and its Ancient Pig Ruins. There are also several unique aesthetic effects, such as shadows of leaves projected on the ground, accompanied by a foliage effect on the sides of the screen that rustle with the player's movement, which both seem to suggest a canopy lies above the biome. Being under the canopy will also trigger its specific ambient music, which will not stop until the player exits the canopy. 

The Deep Rainforest is more dangerous than most other biomes. In addition to limited visibility from shadows and foliage, many dangerous lifeforms such as the Hanging Vines, Snaptooth Seedlings, Snaptooth Flytraps, Spider Monkeys and Rabid Beetles (during Humid Season) can be found here. 

Two of the Ruins leading to the other islands are located in the Deep Rainforest, and can be recognized by the decorations on top of their entrances covered in Creeping Vines:  

  • The entrance leading to the Fountain of Youth's Island has an artichoke boulder on the top.  
  • The entrance leading to the Palace's Island has a Pig statue on the top. 

Parrots and Kingfishers are the only birds that spawn and land in this biome. Deep Rainforest turf cannot be dug up with a Pitchfork. Fireflies will appear at dusk if the player is under the canopy of Deep Rainforest.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The BFB hardly enters this biome, presumably as it is too big to go under the canopy.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Deep Rainforest Turf can be obtained using the Console, its spawn code is "turf_deeprainforest". Entering Deep Rainforest Turf spawned this way will cause leaves to appear on the screen (as if the player entered the biome).
  • When entering this biome and raining, the canopy will provide shelter, granting 35% Wetness resistance, and preventing held Torches from being affected by Rain.

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