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It's full of dead stuff, I bet.


Glommer's Flower.png See also: Grave, Trinkets, and Set Piece

A Graveyard (or Cemetery) is found in one of the Forest patches of a world's Mosaic Biome or in the Ruins in the Labyrinth Biome with a layer of fog covering the ground. It contains numerous Graves (with and without Headstones) and often has Gold Nuggets lying on the ground. There are few Trees in this biome and occasionally a few Boulders.

Graveyards are a good source of Gold Nuggets for players just starting out. Any Trinkets acquired from digging up Graves can be traded to the Pig King for even more Gold Nuggets. Graves can sometimes contain Red Gems, Gears, Blue Gems, etc., but digging too many Graves at once will reduce a player's Sanity level significantly. Additionally, each Grave has a 10% chance to spawn a Ghost when dug up.

In the middle of the Labyrinth, where the Ancient Guardian resides, an outskirt of land reveals a Graveyard of graves in nice, even rows. Once the fight with the Guardian is done, one can help themselves to the excess of Items from shoveling up the Graves.

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