Savanna Turf

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A chunk of ground.


Savanna Turf is one of the Turf items, acquired by digging Savanna tiles with a Pitchfork. Like other Turfs, it can be placed on any bare ground tile, or it can be used as fuel.

Plants like Berry Bushes, Grass Tufts, Saplings, Spiky Bushes, Lureplants, Pine Cones, and Birchnuts can be planted these Turfs. It will not also stop the Lureplants' Eyeplants from spawning.

When placed on the Surface World and the area is large enough, Birds like Crows and Redbirds will start to spawn and land on these turfs. During Winter Redbirds are replaced by Snowbirds.

When brought to SW, Floods can spawn on this turf.

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