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The disk version of the game was released by the German publisher Astragon Entertainment in early 2014 for the German market. The package included:

  • Disc 1: Game Installer + Extras
  • Disc 2: Soundtrack
  • Manual with game key on the front
  • Stickers
  • 2 Postcards (15 x 11.5 cm)
  • Game poster (59 x 42 cm)
  • The disc itself included:

Classic Don't Starve DRM-free version (Build 90423) from January 15, 2014 with Klei updater tool

  • Steam Installer
  • Bonus Materials (Concept Art (even never shown before) / Digital Art / Designs / Screenshots / Wallpapers)
  • Modding Video Guide from Astragon
  • XXL Chester mod (+ Chester Spawning Mod)
  • Additional instructions PDF with Astragon support contacts


Box Content

Box and Discs





Game Content

Disc Installer


This version of the game includes 2 mods: Chester Spawning and XXL Chester

Chester Spawning

Just spawns a Chester with Eye Bone near the player when the world loads. It's a new entity tho, not an existing one. This mod was featured in the video guide on the disc. It can be downloaded here:

XXL Chester

Increases the amount of Chester slots from 9 to 25. It can be downloaded here:


Modding Tutorials


There are 17 audio tracks on the disk, which are presented in the following order:

  • Track01.cda - Don't Starve Theme
  • Track02.cda - Dawn
  • Track03.cda - Work To Be Done
  • Track04.cda - Danger
  • Track05.cda - E.F.S.
  • Track06.cda - D.R. Style
  • Track07.cda - Creepy Forest
  • Track08.cda - Dusk
  • Track09.cda - Ragtime
  • Track10.cda - Cave Work
  • Track11.cda - Hoedown
  • Track12.cda - Epic Ruins
  • Track13.cda - Working The Ruins
  • Track14.cda - Fight For Ruin
  • Track15.cda -The EFS Of Winter
  • Track16.cda - Winters Alright For Fighting
  • Track17.cda - Working Through Winter

Bonus Materials



Digital Art

Much of what is shown here has been used by Klei in various places.

  • 128-circle.png - DS Icon on Steam and main Desc.
  • 920x680_large-tile.jpg - Poster
  • 1400x560_Marquee.jpg - BG on Steam.
  • bcard_01.png - Appeared on invitation cards.
  • beefalo.JPG - From Wilson's Field Notes.
  • desktop-background.jpg - Poster
  • ds_boxart2 copy.png - Was never used.
  • ds_boxart2a.png - Poster
  • ds_campsite_1280x850.png - Was used in mini puzzle of teaser of Deerclops
  • ds_chester.png - Poster
  • ds_disney1.png - Was never used. Very similar to the image from Tumblr of Jeff Agala.
  • ds_Fire108.png - Was poster in Tumblr by Jeff Agala.
  • ds_leif3.jpg - Poster
  • ds_shankish copy.png - Was poster in Tumblr by Jeff Agala.
  • ds_updatePoster_BirdsBeesDogs2.png - Poster for "Birds and Bees and Dogs that Want to Kill You" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_Insanity.png - Poster for "Insanity!" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_NaughtyandNice.png - Poster for "Naughty and Nice" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_Progress.png- Poster for "Progress" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_shovel.png - Poster for "Turf!" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_spiderQueen.png - Poster for "Long Live the Queen" Update
  • ds_updatePoster_spoiledRotten.png - Poster for "Spoiled Rotten" Update
  • farming.JPG - Was never used. Most likely intended to be used in Wilson's Field Notes
  • gems.png - Poster
  • image72a499.png - Poster
  • m.png - Was used in mini puzzle of teaser of Shadow Creature
  • macTusk2.png - Poster
  • meateffigy.png - From Wilson's Field Notes.
  • merm2.jpg - Poster
  • pigking2.JPG - From Wilson's Field Notes.
  • shadows01.png - Was used in mini puzzle of teaser of Shadow Creature
  • sm.png - Poster
  • td.png - POster
  • tools.JPG - From Wilson's Field Notes.
  • wes.png - Poster


Despite the fact that the CD was released around 2014, HD versions of creature models can be found in the materials. It appears that Klei had to reduce the quality of the game's art in early versions of the game. A few years later, HD creature models were added to DST


Despite the fact that the CD was released around 2014, HD versions of some objects can be found in the materials.

Inventory Icons

This is the only way to see 256x256 item icons. In DS and DST, icons use 64x64 size.

Concept Art

Character Design