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The Forgotten Knowledge Puzzles AKA Prototype Puzzle were ARG puzzles, in the same fashion as the William Carter Puzzles.


First puzzle

In the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants Expansion Release Trailer, at 0:55 you can see frame 25 with some kind of board and some drawings and inscriptions on it.

RoG Trailer Puzzle.png

On it you can see the link It leads to a site with 3 cards that have two lines at the top and bottom where you can enter symbols, as well as a "Prototype" button. Also on the page there is an inscription "Find the missing things to make the thing." There is a map on the top right that you can click on. If you click on the map it will take you to this page.

Forgotten Knowledge Screen.png
Not-crazy Coordinate.png

If you click on the map it will take you to this page. A person on the forums under the nickname WilliamGreywind simplified the task a little and made a grid for the map from the site.

Wilson reading note.png

On the map you can see the inscription "Stupid Birds" and the number 17. At that time in Don't Starve, birds began to sometimes bring notes that look similar to papyrus. If you ask the character to comment on it, he will say three numbers and last two are coordinates. Each player had individual notes. So in order to collect all 17 letters, several players were needed

1 (-16, 16) 7 ( -4, -8) 20 (-22, 1) 60 ( 6,-23)
2 (-22, 9) 8 ( 20, -2) 30 (-10,-16) 100 (-14, 16)
3 ( 10,-16) 9 ( 2, 20) 40 ( 16, -2) 300 (-6, 13)
4 (-11, -4) 10 (-13, 8) 50 ( 13, -7) 400 (-18, 6)
5 ( 6, 2)

In the lower left corner of the screen, you can see information about the scale of the map. Thus 2W is one strip, 4W is two strips. These stripes can be seen on the edge of the map. Thus, we can measure the distance we need from object to object. The origin of the coordinate point must be Wilson's location on the map. Departing from it, we, using the coordinates, find the necessary items. So, if the coordinates point to Rock, then we definitely have one stone, if to the Spider Cocoon, then the web, if to the bush, then berries.

Not-crazy Items.png

The correct answer turns out to be rocks 8 berries 4 silk 5. When you enter the correct answer on the first site, it will say "You did it!" and then move to the next page.

Second puzzle

On the new page, you can see two lines in which you can enter characters, as well as a moon that you can click on. A map from the last part of the puzzle is floating on the floor.

Forgotten Knowledge part 2.png

This image from symbols was also found in the page code. This is the Antikythera mechanism, which is the correct answer. We introduce ANTIKYTHERA and MECHANISM on the site. This takes you to a third site.

Anantikythera mechanism source image.gif

Third puzzle

The third site is similar to the second, with one difference. At the top of the screen, you can now see the inscription: "Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not craze. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. I know this all means SOMETHING! Stupid Birds. I need ALL 17!! NOT crazy."

Full Moon puzzle.png
Don't Starve It's Greek to me..JPG

It is worth noting that the sentence "Not crazy" is somewhat repeated in the text, and when it is repeated for the second, sixth and tenth time, the letter "C" is written in italics. If we go into the game logs when the player is examining the note, it will say "It's Greek to me". This phrase hints that the numbers in front of the coordinates denote the letters of the Greek alphabet. It is necessary to place the Greek letters according to the coordinates. In the page files, the background is called "wish-upon-a-star.jpg". This allusion to the stars makes it clear that the stars and the Greek letters are most likely related in some way. Greek letters denote the strength of the brightness of a star in order to make it easier to find constellations in the sky and make constellation maps. The Greek letters marked on the map form the constellation Gemini.

Not-crazy Сonstellation.png

The input panels in the page html file are named "alone" and "together". This is an allusion to the story of the origin of the constellation in ancient Greek mythology about Castor and Pollux. Much in their history is connected with separation and reunion. Castor and Pollux are also called the brightest stars of the constellation, which also denote their heads. Castor and Pollux turn out to be the correct answer. Entering these two words, we are thrown to the final site/

Forgotten Knowledge

As a result, we get to this site. The site has been updated over time. At first there was one image of Wilson, and then the image was supplemented with new pictures that formed a comic. When the comic was fully assembled, below it was an image that teased the game Don't Starve Together.


  • On the map you can find the inscription "Not alone", which refers to the constellation Gemini.
  • The final comic in which Wilson builds a portal references a short film about Wilson in which he also built a portal. All pictures from the comic are referenced to a specific scene from the short
  • In the comic, Wilson builds the Jury-Rigged Portal. This means that even though it has been removed from the game, this portal is still canon for the game's history.
  • From all parts of the last page, you can create a frame-by-frame animation in which Wilson builds a portal
  • If you are trying to find the location of coordinate information using logs. Then you will see a file with "TOTALY NORNAL TABLE" which has a bunch of items, including "note" and non-existent item "17", "crazy" and "alone". There will be an inscription next to it "Move along, nothing to see here". Just below will be Wilson's ASC-II drawing.