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Poor little boat.


A Wreck is a naturally occurring structure found in the Shipwrecked DLC. It can occasionally be encountered in the Ocean biome, on dark-colored "ship graveyard" tiles, and in the Coral Reef biome. It appears a broken down part of a sunken ship. It is covered with Limpets and can be harvested every 3 days to yield 1-3 Limpets. It can be hammered down to obtain 1 Boards, but doing so may summon a Pirate Ghost.

Sign.png Names

Some Wrecks have names, randomly chosen from the following list:

Nautilus Mont-Blanc African Queen
Mackay-Bennett Caine Resolution
Mary Celeste Orca Golden Hind
Beagle Pharaoh Pelican
Monitor Nellie Hispaniola
Santa Maria Piper Maru Mississinewa
Bluenose Minnow Pequod
Adriatic Syracusia Edmund Fitzgerald
Nomadic Baron of Renfrew Batavia
Mauretania Ariel Blackadder
Endeavour Anita Marie

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Mosquito.png Bugs

  • After leaving the Volcano, Limpets may be shown on a Wreck even though it cannot already be picked yet.

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