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It's called a "lightbulb" but it's kinda heavy.


A Light Bulb is a Food item obtained by harvesting a Light Flower or as a drop from a Slurper or Big Tentacle. In Hamlet, they are also a drop from Glowflies and Rabid Beetles. In DST, Light Bulbs can be dropped from a Skittersquid with a 33% chance.

While technically a Food item (restoring 1 Health each), Light Bulbs are mainly used for other purposes. They can be used to craft the Lantern or as fuel for Miner Hats and Lanterns (extending durability by ~19.2% or 1.5 minutes per Light Bulb).

Light Bulbs can be placed on the ground to be used as a Light source and will prevent an attack from Charlie.

Since Light Flowers regrow every 3 days, Light Bulbs are fully renewable, meaning an unlimited supply of fuel for Lanterns and Miner Hats.

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In the Hamlet DLC, Light Bulb can be obtained by killing Glowflies and Rabid Beetles.

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  • Light Bulbs spoil quickly, so it may be wise to place them inside a Bundling Wrap to preserve them indefinitely.
    • Alternatively, one can keep multiple lanterns in a chest, and refuel them all at once to have a longer-lasting supply of light.
    • They are also a good source of Rot considering they grow back relatively fast and are only mainly used for refueling light sources.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name Light Bulb is based on its appearance (being a plant bulb) and real-life light bulbs.

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