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Hail is an Item in the Shipwrecked DLC. It falls from storms during the Hurricane Season. It can be made into Ice to restore hunger and health. It must be turned in to Ice in order to be used in a crafting or Crock Pot recipe.

Like Ice, Hail will never melt when put in an Ice Box and will melt much faster when near a fire. Hail can also be used to extinguish burning objects.

Hail is treated as a mineral, and as such Rock Lobsters try to eat it and can be convinced to follow the player if given.

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  • Since the Hang Ten update, it is possible to turn 4 Hail pieces into 1 Ice. Prior to this update, it was an acceptable substitute for Ice for Crock Pot usage, resulting in easy food that required filler.
  • Prior to the Eye of the Tiger Shark update, Hail was notorious for destroying structures and damaging the player repeatedly, as a bug caused it to be considered as an entity that was still falling, which would normally cause damage. This feature was removed for unknown reasons, though it is likely due to player complaints or general bugginess.

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