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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Weeds are objects exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in Return of Them. They interfere with the farming of Farm Plants, but they also have some benefits. Weeds can be removed with a Shovel or by burning them.


There are 4 type of Weeds: Forget-Me-Lots, Fire Nettles, Tillweed and Spiny Bindweed. A planted regular Seed has a 20% chance to grow into a weed, with a 77% chance to become a Forget-Me-Lots and a 7.7% chance to become a Fire Nettle, a Tillweed, or a Spiny Bindweed.

At the beginning of Spring, each Farm Soil Tile has a 15% chance to grow a weed. The weed will appear randomly in the first quarter of the season. The same process happens in Autumn with a 5% chance.

At the final stage, after 6 to 8 days (3 to 5 for Forget-Me-Lots), the weed will spawn a new weed of the same type within a radius from 1.5 to 10 units with a preference for farm soil. Then, every 12 to 14 days (6 to 8 days for Forget-Me-Lots) the weed attempts a new spread.

A Fruit Fly plants new weeds on all unused farm soil in its sight.


Fire Nettles, Tillweed and Spiny Bindweed have 3 growing stages. Forget-Me-Lots have an additional stage called Bolting.

Growth time in daylight (day)
Plant Spiny Bindweed.png Tillweed.png Fire Nettles.png Forget-Me-Lots Plant.png
Seeds 0.75 - 1
Small 1.2 - 1.8 0.6 - 0.9
Medium 0.8 - 1.2 0.6 - 0.9
Full Ever 0.8 - 1.2
Bolting - Ever

At the full stage, Fire Nettles, Tillweed, and Forget-Me-Lots can be harvested. If so, they return to the beginning of the small stage and grow again. If Forget-Me-Lots is allowed to grow into its bolting stage it can no longer be harvested.

Growth times are not affected by the season or Nutrients. Weeds consume 2 of each nutrient at each stage of their growth and they produce no nutrients in return.

Plant Name Product Nutrient Drink Rate
Compost Manure
Forget-Me-Lots Plant.png Forget-Me-Lots Forget-Me-Lots.png -2 -2 -2 0.75%
Fire Nettles.png Fire Nettles Fire Nettle Fronds.png -2 -2 -2 2%
Tillweed.png Tillweed Tillweeds.png -2 -2 -2 2%
Spiny Bindweed.png Spiny Bindweed - -2 -2 -2 2%


With their pleasant, relaxing scent, it's often difficult to remember they're weeds.


When a Forget-Me-Lots is dug up, there is a chance for a new Forget-Me-Lots to grow in a nearby tile after 2 to 5 days. The chance depends on the number of other Forget-Me-Lots present; there is a 75% chance of it respawning if the plant is alone, 50% if there is another one within a 3 tile radius, 25% if there are two others, and 0% for 3 or more. Burning this weed will prevent regrowth. In Don't Starve Together, burning one crop tends to burn them all and possibly your base as well, so don't try that without adequate ice flingomatic coverage or similar fire suppression.

Fire Nettles

These nettles spread through a garden like wildfire, and carry a burning toxin.


A player that comes into contact with Fire Nettles receives 3 damage and their perceived temperature is increased by 60° for 1 minute, making the player subject to Overheating. Wormwood is immune to this effect. They can be weeded out using the Shovel.


An irritatingly stubborn weed that requires garden tools to remove entirely.


Tillweed spawns a new Garden Detritus every 0.75 to 1 days. There can be up to 5 Garden Detritus within a radius of 5 around the plant.

Spiny Bindweed

An aggressive, invasive species that will invade your own space when provoked.


The Spiny Bindweed protects all plants within a 2.5 tile radius. When a player harvests a protected plant, Binding Roots will trap the player. Binding Roots deal 10 damage and will trap the player until destroyed. Binding Roots have 40 health. Wormwood is immune to this effect.

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