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Spring depicted in a promotional image for Reign of Giants.
My clothes appear to be permeable.


Spring is one of the four seasons from the Reign of Giants DLC, indicated in appearance by the world having a greenish tint.

It has a 50% chance to be the starting season instead of Autumn when playing in Sandbox Mode. With the Default Preferences, it lasts 20 days. Therefore, the first Spring lasts either from day 1 to 20, or from day 37 to 56. During the beginning and especially the middle of Spring, Dusks are very long (affecting player's sanity) but they quickly go shorter towards the last third of the season. Stages in Adventure Mode may have different seasonal variations. Some characteristics in the world change in Spring, and surviving can become more difficult.

Changes in the World

  • During Spring, Mini Glaciers will begin to melt and Bees will become red and more hostile (though they are still not considered Killer Bees).
  • Beefalos will enter mating phase and stay in the mating phase for the full season.
The giant of Spring: Moose/Goose.
  • Flowers will randomly spawn during spring even when there are no insects around.
  • Rabbit Holes close during Spring, forcing the player to look for a different food source.
  • The Moose/Goose and its nest can be encountered during Spring.
  • Lureplants will naturally spawn in areas that the player has explored. Additionally, Beefalo will always be in heat and Blue Hounds can spawn with Hound waves.
  • Wormwood will start to bloom during this season.
  • Maximum chase time and range for enemies is increased by 33%.
  • Trees take 25% less time to grow to next stage.

Rain and its effects

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Wetness

Spring is the season where rain is very frequent and puddles form on the ground that will completely dry out in Summer.

The Wetness Meter.

Constant rain means that fuel is less efficient when lighting fires and more of it is needed to maintain a fire. In particular way, WX-78 players must be more aware of this menace because of the damage taken from water and Wetness. Additionally, Lightning strikes are much more frequent in Spring and can cause damage to the player (though representing an advantage for WX-78) or to unprotected structures vulnerable to fire. There is also a chance of Frog Rains occurring.

While temperature is not an issue at this time of year, the player will occasionally freeze due to wetness, especially during the start of the season because of the low temperatures.

Rain from the surface seeps into the soil, causing the Caves and Ruins to drip water from their ceiling, having the same effect as rain (this means higher Sanity Loss to account for), albeit the Wetness meter will rise significantly slower. Note that rain in the underground is constant in Spring and will keep going on until the season ends.

Frequent rain makes tracking Koalefants and other creatures from Suspicious Dirt Piles more difficult due to tracks disappearing.

Meats hung on a Drying Rack won't dry if it's raining. Other than that, the drying process will become slower due to humidity.

On the positive side, rain causes crops to grow much quicker and Mushrooms can be picked more frequently as rain causes them to regenerate. Berry Bushes and other pickable plants also regenerate 33% faster.