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These tables show the default controls of the game, found in the Options menu. Each of the keys is rebindable.

Don't Starve Controls
Key Function
W Move forward
A Move left
S Move backward
D Move right
Q Turn camera 45° counterclockwise
E Turn camera 45° clockwise
Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out
Scroll crafting menu
Space Auto-action (except attack)
F Auto-attack
0-9, - = Hotkeys for 12 leftmost slots in the Inventory
Pause/Break Zoomable aerial view of Map - useful when needing large screenshots of an area
Tab Map
Esc Pause menu
Ctrl Ctrl-Click on a stack in inventory to split it in half
While holding a stack of items Ctrl-Click to place one item from the stack
Hold Ctrl to modify mouse buttons actions when interacting with world objects
Ctrl-F to auto-attack neutral creatures (Pigs, Beefalos)
Alt Alt-Click to Examine/Inspect objects and items
Alt-F to auto-attack allied creatures (Fed Pigs, Bunnymen)
Shift Shift-Click move stack of things to another container
Ctrl-P Freeze the camera in place
Ctrl-H Hide HUD
Ctrl-L Show log
Backspace Toggle Debug screen
~ Console
Don't Starve Console Edition Controls
Button Function
Left Analog Walk
Right Analog Inventory selection
Right Directional Use selected item on self/unequip
Left Directional Use on world/store/repair
Up Directional Inspect item
Down Directional Drop item
Cross / A Action/accept
Square / X Attack
Triangle / Y Inspect world item/sew
Circle / B Alt action/cancel
R1/L1 / RB/LB Rotate camera
L2 / LT Open crafting tabs
R2 / RT Open inventory/pause game
Options / Menu Pause
Press Touch Pad / View Map