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For details on the Teleportato, see Wooden Thing.
For details on Maxwell's Door, see Maxwell's Door.

Things are pieces used to build a portal to the next world. Each Thing has a designated set piece that will spawn with it. There are five different pieces, and as such, 5 different Structures.

Things are widely dispersed around the world.

Things will tend to spawn with large distances separating them, and as such will encourage the player to explore the world to find all of them. A Divining Rod can help locate Things. One is given to the player in Adventure Mode, or can be crafted.

Things can't be stolen by Krampus or Splumonkeys and won't be eaten by Eyeplants.

Thing Pieces

Don't Starve

Crank Thing.png Box Thing.png Metal Potato Thing.png Wooden Thing.png Ring Thing.png
Crank Thing Box Thing Metal Potato Thing Wooden Thing Ring Thing


Grassy Thing.png Screw Thing.png Wooden Potato Thing.png Wooden Thing Shipwrecked.png Ring Thing Shipwrecked.png
Grassy Thing Screw Thing Wooden Potato Thing Wooden Platform Thing Ring Thing


Lever Thing.png Rock Thing.png Relic Thing.png Stone Thing.png Iron Thing.png
Lever Thing Rock Thing Relic Thing Stone Thing Iron Thing