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Fire makes everything better.


Cooking is the process of turning raw Food into cooked, or otherwise improved, food which, in general, adds a Health bonus and sometimes improves their Hunger or Sanity benefits as well. There are three types of cooking: Fire, Drying Rack, and Crock Pot.

Cooking food also reduces the spoilage of food. Fire and Crock Pot reduces spoilage by half (e.g. turning 20% fresh food back to 60% fresh), while Drying Rack completely removes spoilage.

On Fire

A Fire Pit.
Cooking with a Dwarf Star.

Cooking food on a Campfire, a Fire Pit or a Dwarf Star is the most basic cooking method. To cook food, simply click on it, bring it to a burning Campfire, Fire Pit, or Dwarf Star and click again when the prompt shows up. Once a food has been cooked, it will be replaced in the inventory with its cooked counterpart. For example, a Morsel becomes a Cooked Morsel, and a Carrot becomes a Roasted Carrot. Cooked Meats generally spoil slower, while cooked Fruits and Vegetables generally spoil faster. There is no difference between cooking on any of the fires.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, it is also possible to cook food on a Chiminea, a Buoyant Chiminea, an Obsidian Fire Pit, a Lava Pool or an erupting Krissure.

In the Hamlet DLC, it is also possible to cook food on Crumbling Brazier and Wall Brazier.

In Don't Starve Together, it's also possible to cook on the Scaled Furnace, Willow's Lighter, Extra-Adorable Lavae, and Magma Pools. Willow, Warly and Walter only take half as long (0.5 seconds) as other Characters (1 second) to cook food.

Some Fruits and Vegetables are generally better consumed cooked than used as ingredients in Crock Pot. Notable examples:

On the other hand, some Vegetables are best consumed raw:

  • Corn Corn.png [+3 HealthMeter.png +25 HungerMeter.png] becomes Popcorn Popcorn.png [+3 HealthMeter.png +12.5 HungerMeter.png] when cooked.

Drying Rack

Some of the raw food items on the left of their cooked counterpart. Three types of jerky can be seen as well.
A Morsel attached to a Drying Rack.

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Drying Rack

While not exactly cooking in the full sense of the word, using the Drying Rack to prepare Meats provides a longer-term food storage option to those without an Ice Box. When dried, Meats become Jerky and spoil at a much slower rate. Additionally, Jerky tends to give more of a Health and Sanity bonus than its raw or cooked counterparts.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, it is also possible to dry Seaweed, Jellyfish and Rainbow Jellyfish.

In the Hamlet DLC, it is also possible to dry Poison Dartfrog Legs and Flytrap Stalk.

The Foods which can be dried are listed below:

Meat Dried Time required
Meat.png Jerky.png 2 days
(Dead Dogfish.png Dead Swordfish.png Raw Fish.png Shipwrecked icon.png) 1 day
Monster Meat.png Monster Jerky.png 1 day
Batilisk Wing.png Small Jerky.png 2 days
Morsel.png Frog Legs.png Fish.png Drumstick.png Eel.png
(Fish Morsel.png Tropical Fish.png Shipwrecked icon.png)
(Poison Dartfrog Legs.png Hamlet icon.png)
1 day
(Dead Jellyfish.png Dead Rainbow Jellyfish.png Shipwrecked icon.png) Dried Jellyfish.png 1 day
(Seaweed.png Shipwrecked icon.png) Dried Seaweed.png 0.25 days
(Flytrap Stalk.png Hamlet icon.png) Stalking Stick.png 1 day
(Kelp Fronds.png Don't Starve Together icon.png) Dried Kelp Fronds.png 0.25 days

Crock Pot

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Crock Pot


Cooking foods using the Crock Pot can combine them into a more ample dish. The Crock Pot requires 4 accepted (some foods such as Seeds cannot be added) items to be combined to produce a dish. Some recipes require or allow for non-foods to be added (most recipes accept twigs as filler). Recipes sometimes produce a dish with a greater Hunger/Health/Sanity bonus than all the ingredients combined. Keep in mind Crock Pots don't always improve the nutritional value of what's put into them, look at Wet Goop or the Powdercake as examples. Some recipes are designed to specifically provide a large Sanity or Health boost but do not fill as much Hunger, or have some other purpose.

The cooking times for Crock Pot recipes vary. A few foods like Waffles are cooked in as little as 10 seconds, while recipes like Mandrake Soup take a full minute. Most recipes require a certain amount of food (such as Meats or Vegetables) as opposed to specific food items. In the Shipwrecked DLC, Warly brings an exclusive Portable Crock Pot, that can be used to cook four additional recipes. With 4 slots for ingredients, each must be filled with a piece of Food to start cooking. Most recipes take 10–20 seconds to cook (Exact times for each recipe are listed below). Completed Crock Pot dishes can be stacked to 40; none of them can be used in the Crock Pot again

Cooking basics

A cooking attempt's ingredients have to match a recipe. There are 58 recipes available for the Crock Pot, including those from Don't Starve Together & the DLCs. If an attempt fails to match any recipe at all, Wet Goop ends up as the product.

When a recipe is attempted (i.e. the pot starts cooking), the food groups the ingredients fit into are considered; almost all recipes require some amount of Food from certain food groups, but there are many recipes with specific Food requirements (like Froggle Bunwich).

Lots of ingredients fulfill recipe requirements more readily than others (e.g. 1 Drumstick has the same effect on a dish as 2 Morsels). More filling ingredients tend to have greater food values.

Each recipe has weight, called recipe priorities, so a result can be decided when a set of ingredients fits more than one valid recipe. These weights are.

When spoiled ingredients are used, the completed dish's spoil percentage becomes half the average spoil percentage of the ingredients (e.g. if 1 monster meat and 3 berries, all 90% spoiled (10% fresh), are placed in the Crock Pot, the resulting meatball will be 45% spoiled (55% fresh)). Non-spoilable ingredients are ignored when calculating average spoil percentage. In the vanilla game, a meal doesn't begin to spoil until a player removes it from the Crock Pot. Meals remain in the Crock Pot until either a player removes it, a Lureplant "eats" it, or the pot is destroyed.


Food groups

There are 9 recognised food groups when cooking with a Crock Pot:

  1. Meats.png Meats
  2. Fishes.png Fishes
  3. Eggs.png Eggs
  4. Fruit.png Fruits
  5. Vegetables.png Vegetables
  6. Sweetener.png Sweeteners
  7. Monster Meats.png Monster Foods
  8. Dairy product.png Dairy (Reign of Giants icon.png)
  9. Bugs.png Bugs (Hamlet icon.png)
  10. Decoration (DST)

Some Foods do not fall into any of these groups (e.g. Butterfly Wings); some fall into multiple (e.g. Fish); some might count as a meat, fruit, or vegetable when fed to a Pig but not when used in a Crock Pot.

An 11th food group, Fat.png Fat, has gone unimplemented.

Valid ingredients

The following items can be used in a Crock Pot:

Meats.png Any Meat (raw or cooked)
Monster Foods.png Any Monster Food (raw or cooked)
Fishes.png Any Fish or Seafood
All eggs.png Any Egg (raw or cooked)
Fruit.png Any Fruit (raw or cooked)
Vegetables.png Any Vegetable (raw or cooked)
Sweetener.png Any Sweetener
Inedible.png Certain inedible items (See Inedible)
Butterfly Wings.png Butterfly Wings
Mandrake.png Mandrake
Reign of Giants icon.png
Dairy product.png Any Dairy
Ice.png Ice
Moleworm.png Moleworm
Roasted Birchnut.png Roasted Birchnut
Shipwrecked icon.png
Wobster.png Wobster
Hamlet icon.png
Bugs.png Any Bug
Foliage.png Foliage
Nettle.png Nettle
Don't Starve Together icon.png
Kelp Fronds.png Kelp Fronds (raw, cooked or dried)
Lesser Glow Berry.png Lesser Glow Berry
Moon Moth Wings.png Moon Moth Wings

Invalid ingredients

Although edible, the following items cannot be used in any recipes:

Dark Petals.png Dark Petals
Deerclops Eyeball.png Deerclops Eyeball
Foliage.png Foliage (excluding Hamlet icon.png)
Garland.png Garland
Glow Berry.png Glow Berry (excluding Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Guardian's Horn.png Guardian's Horn
Hatching Tallbird Egg.png Hatching Tallbird Egg
Koalefant Trunk.png Koalefant Trunk (excluding Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Light Bulb.png Light Bulb
Cooked Mandrake.png Mandrake (cooked – raw o.k.)
Petals.png Petals
Rot.png Rot
Rotten Egg.png Rotten Egg
Seeds.png Seeds (raw or cooked)
Winter Koalefant Trunk.png Winter Koalefant Trunk (raw or cooked) (excluding Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Reign of Giants icon.png
Birchnut.png Birchnut (applies only to raw; roasted can be used in crock pot)
Shipwrecked icon.png
Coconut.png Coconut (whole – halved or roasted o.k.)
Dead Swordfish.png Dead Swordfish
Dead Wobster.png Dead Wobster (raw or cooked - alive o.k.)
Dragoon Heart.png Dragoon Heart
Eye of the Tiger Shark.png Eye of the Tiger Shark
Hamlet icon.png
Blooming Tuber.png Blooming Tuber (raw or cooked)
Bramble Bulb.png Bramble Bulb
Clippings.png Clippings
Flytrap Stalk.png Flytrap Stalk
Lotus Flower.png Lotus Flower (raw or cooked)
Magic Water.png Magic Water
Nectar.png Nectar
Poison Dartfrog Legs.png Poison Dartfrog Legs (raw or cooked)
Seed Pod.png Seed Pod (raw or cooked)
Tuber.png Tuber (raw or cooked)
Don't Starve Together icon.png
Lune Tree Blossom.png Lune Tree Blossom

The following recipes do not work with any cooked foods:

Melonsicle.png Melonsicle (Reign of Giants icon.png)
Banana Pop.png Banana Pop (Shipwrecked icon.png)

The following recipes do not work with specific cooked foods (i.e. Turkey Dinner requires raw Drumsticks but the other meat component can be cooked.):

Turkey Dinner.png Turkey Dinner
Mandrake Soup.png Mandrake Soup
Guacamole.png Guacamole (Reign of Giants icon.png)
Mussel Bouillabaise.png Mussel Bouillabaise (Shipwrecked icon.png)
Sweet Potato Souffle.png Sweet Potato Souffle (Shipwrecked icon.png)


An ingredient is "filler" if it can be added to a partially prepared recipe without changing the Crock Pot's output; most recipes call for less than four ingredients, so fillers are need to fill the pot.

When filler is called for, most valid ingredients (see above) will usually work; though some recipes explicitly prohibit a couple ingredients or food groups. For example: Dragonpie cannot have any Meat ingredients in it.

While a lot of recipes prohibit their use; one dish, Kabobs, actually requires Twigs. Using them when possible is efficient, as Twigs are usually easier to get than Food.

Monster Food

If two or more Monster Foods are used in the pot, the crock pot produces Monster Lasagna unless Twigs are added (which makes Wet Goop), or higher priority food is available; thus, only one Monster Food should be attempted as filler for a dish, except Surf 'n' Turf. Though it follows the twig rule, it's useful to note that Bacon and Eggs can be made with two Monster Meat, one tallbird egg, and one stick.

The following is Monster Food:

Monster Meat.png Monster Meat (Raw or Cooked)
Monster Jerky.png Monster Jerky
Durian.png Durian (Raw or Cooked)
Dead Jellyfish.png Dead Jellyfish (Raw or Cooked) (Shipwrecked icon.png)
Dried Jellyfish.png Dried Jellyfish (Shipwrecked icon.png)
Dead Rainbow Jellyfish.png Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Raw or Cooked) (Shipwrecked icon.png)

Food values

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Food

These "food values" measure how plentifully an ingredient can fulfill a recipe's need for certain food groups. Combined ingredients' food values (in addition to recipe priority) are what determine an attempt's final dish; for example: Honey Ham requires a meat value greater than or equal to 2.0, so in addition to Honey, its ingredients can be 3 Jerky; 2 Jerky & 1 filler; or 1 Jerky & 2 Drumsticks, but 1 Jerky, 1 Drumstick, & 1 filler won't cut it.

The overall set of food values for an attempted dish is the sum of its individual ingredient values. In attempting a dish like Monster Meat.pngMeat.pngMeat.pngBerries.png, the component values are:

  • +1 meat, +1 monster
  • +1 meat
  • +1 meat
  • +0.5 fruit

When added up, the final dish's set of values will be 3.0 meat, 1.0 monster, and 0.5 fruit. resulting in Meaty Stew.

Some ingredients value for two food groups; for example: raw Tropical Fish provides 1.0 fish unit & 0.5 meat units (though Cooked Fish Morsel provides 0.5 fish units & no meat units).

Meat value

Different Meat ingredients have different meat values.

Foods with meat value of 0.5
Morsel.png Cooked Morsel.png Drumstick.png Fried Drumstick.png Frog Legs.png Cooked Frog Legs.png Small Jerky.png Fish.png Cooked Fish.pngCooked Eel.png Eel.png Moleworm.png Shark Fin.png Dead Dogfish.png Raw Fish.png Fish Steak.png Tropical Fish.png Purple Grouper.png Cooked Purple Grouper.png Pierrot Fish.png Cooked Pierrot Fish.png Neon Quattro.png Cooked Neon Quattro.png Roe.png Cooked Roe.png (Batilisk Wing.png Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Foods with meat value of 1.0
Meat.png Cooked Meat.png Jerky.png Monster Meat.png Cooked Monster Meat.png Monster Jerky.pngLeafy Meat.pngCooked Leafy Meat.png

Fish/Seafood values

Fish & seafood come in three levels of fishiness: half, full, and double.

Foods with fish value of 0.5
Crabbit.png Fish Morsel.png Cooked Fish Morsel.png Limpets.png Cooked Limpets.png Mussel.png Cooked Mussel.png
Foods with fish value of 1.0
Fish.png Cooked Fish.png Eel.png Cooked Eel.png Shark Fin.png Dead Dogfish.png Jellyfish.png Dead Jellyfish.png Cooked Jellyfish.png Dried Jellyfish.png Rainbow Jellyfish.png Dead Rainbow Jellyfish.png Cooked Rainbow Jellyfish.png Raw Fish.png Fish Steak.png Tropical Fish.png Purple Grouper.png Cooked Purple Grouper.png Pierrot Fish.png Cooked Pierrot Fish.png Neon Quattro.png Cooked Neon Quattro.png Roe.png Cooked Roe.png
Food with fish value of 2.0

Fruit value

Fruit ingredients come in half-size & full-size.

Foods with fruit value of 0.5
Berries.png Roasted Berries.png Coffee Beans.png Juicy Berries.png Roasted Juicy Berries.png
Foods with fruit value of 1.0
Pomegranate.png Sliced Pomegranate.png Durian.png Extra Smelly Durian.png Dragon Fruit.png Prepared Dragon Fruit.png Cave Banana.png Cooked Cave Banana.png Watermelon.png Grilled Watermelon.png Cooked Coffee Beans.png Halved Coconut.png Roasted Coconut.png

Durian counts both as monster food and fruit.

Vegetable value

Vegetable ingredients come in half-size & full-size.

Foods with vegetable value of 0.5
Red Cap.png Cooked Red Cap.png Green Cap.png Cooked Green Cap.png Blue Cap.png Cooked Blue Cap.png Kelp Fronds.png Cooked Kelp Fronds.png Dried Kelp Fronds.png
Foods with vegetable value of 1.0
Carrot.png Roasted Carrot.png Corn.png Popcorn.png Eggplant.png Braised Eggplant.png Pumpkin.png Hot Pumpkin.png Foliage.png Lichen.png Mandrake.png Cactus Flesh.png Cooked Cactus Flesh.png Cactus Flower.png Seaweed.png Roasted Seaweed.png Dried Seaweed.png Sweet Potato.png Cooked Sweet Potato.png Aloe.png Cooked Aloe.png Asparagus.png Cooked Asparagus.png Radish.png Cooked Radish.png Ripe Stone Fruit.png Cooked Stone Fruit.png Garlic.png Roast Garlic.png Onion.png Roast Onion.png Pepper.png Roasted Pepper.png Potato.png Roast Potato.png Toma Root.png Roast Toma Root.png Popperfish.png Corn Cod.png

Egg value

Egg ingredients come in small & enormous.

Foods with egg value of 1.0
Egg.png Cooked Egg.png Doydoy Egg.png Fried Doydoy Egg.png
Foods with egg value of 4.0
Tallbird Egg.png Fried Tallbird Egg.png

Sweetener value

Sweeteners are Honeys & Royal Jelly.

Foods with sweetener value of 1.0
Honey.png Honeycomb.png
Food with sweetener value of 3.0
Royal Jelly.png

Dairy Product value Reign of Giants icon.png

Dairy includes Butter & Electric Milk.

Foods with dairy value of 1.0
Butter.png Electric Milk.png

Bug value Hamlet icon.png

Bugs are unique to the Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC.

Foods with bug value of 1.0
Bean Bugs.png Cooked Bean Bugs.png Gummy Slug.png Cooked Gummy Slug.png

Decoration value (DST)

Decorations are a unique food category in Don't Starve Together, containing foods that are wild cards and typically only used in one recipe.

Foods with decoration value of 1.0: Forget-Me-Lots

Foods with decoration value of 2.0: Collected Dust

Priority.png Priority

Priority ratings decides the result of a particular cooking session based on the ingredients used; the highest rated recipe will always be chosen. If there are several valid recipes with the same priority, a random one of those specific recipes will be chosen. Some recipes have priority of 0 or below, which means they will never be chosen over recipes of positive priority. One such recipe is Wet Goop, which is in fact always a valid result, but it's never chosen over anything else because it has -2 priority.

As a simple example, cooking with 4 Meat pieces, both the Meatballs recipe (priority -1) and the Meaty Stew recipe (priority 0) are valid, but the completed dish will always be Meaty Stew, because of greater priority.

If there is more than one recipe with highest priority the game will pick at random. Here is a final example; a dish that uses Fish.pngFrog Legs.pngCorn.pngTwigs.png as ingredients fulfills four different recipes: Fishsticks (10), Fish Tacos (10), Kabobs (5), and Froggle Bunwich (1); two dishes tie, so the result will be Fishsticks 50% of the time, and the other 50% Fish Tacos.

Recipes for the Crock Pot

The following is a list of Crock Pot recipes. There are also recipes exclusive to the Portable Crock Pot not listed here.

A calculator to show what dishes can be made from given ingredients can be found here.

Under Ingredients, icons with a numeric value (like 1.0) represent any ingredient from that food group. Icons without values are specific ingredients. Required ingredients are the minimum food items to make a dish, and attempting to fill a dish with restricted ingredients would lead to a different dish.

Visual Reminder
Vegetables.png Vegetables Meats.png Meats Fruit.png Fruits Fishes.png Fishes Eggs.png Eggs
Sweetener.png Sweeteners Monster Meats.png Monster Foods Dairy product.png Dairy (Reign of Giants icon.png) Bugs.png Bugs (Hamlet icon.png) Inedible.png Inedible
Icon Dish DLC Hunger Sanity Health Max perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe
Ingredients Notes
Amberosia.png Amberosia Don't Starve Together icon.png N/A N/A N/A Never 40s 100 Collected Dust.png
Asparagus Soup.png Asparagus Soup Hamlet icon.png 18.75 5 20 15d 10s 10 Asparaguses.png + Vegetables.png×0.5
Don't Starve Together icon.png Asparaguses.png + Vegetables.png×1.5 No Meats.pngInedible.png
Bacon and Eggs.png Bacon and Eggs 75 5 20 20d 40s 10 Meats.png>1.0 + Eggs.png>1.0 No Vegetables.png
Banana Pop.png Banana Pop Shipwrecked icon.png 12.5 33 20 3d 10s 20 Banana.png + Ice.png + Inedible.png×1.0 No Meats.pngFishes.png
Don't Starve Together icon.png Cave Bananas.png + Ice.png + Twigs.png×1.0
Banana Shake.png Banana Shake Don't Starve Together icon.png 25 33 8 15d 10s 1 Cave Bananas.png×2 No Meats.pngFishes.pngMonster Foods.png
Barnacle Linguine.png Barnacle Linguine Don't Starve Together icon.png 75 20 10 6d 40s 30 Barnacle.png×2 + Vegetables.png×2.0
Barnacle Nigiri.png Barnacle Nigiri Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 5 40 10d 10s 30 Barnacle.png + Kelp Frond.png + Eggs.png
Barnacle Pita.png Barnacle Pita Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 5 20 15d 40s 25 Barnacle.png + Vegetables.png×0.5
Beefalo Treats.png Beefalo Treats Don't Starve Together icon.png N/A N/A N/A 10d 40s -4 Birchnut.png + Twigs.png + Forget-Me-Lots.png
Beefy Greens.png Beefy Greens Don't Starve Together icon.png 75 5 40 6d 40s 25 Leafy Meats.png + Vegetables.png×3.0
Bisque.png Bisque Shipwrecked icon.png 18.75 5 60 10d 20s 30 Limpets.png×3 + Ice.png
Breakfast Skillet.png Breakfast Skillet Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 5 20 20d 20s 1 Eggs.png×1.0 Vegetables.png×1.0 noMeats.pngDairy product.png
Bunny Stew.png Bunny Stew Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 5 20 10d 10s 1 Meats.png>0 + Ice.png×2 No Inedible.png
Max Meats.png×0.75
Butter Muffin.png Butter Muffin 37.5 5 20 15d 40s 1 Butterfly Wings.png + Vegetables.png×0.5 No Meats.png
Can replaceButterfly Wings.png withMoon Moth Wings.png
California Roll.png California Roll Shipwrecked icon.png 37.5 10 20 10d 10s 20 Seaweed.png×2 + Fishes.png×1.0
Don't Starve Together icon.png Kelp Frond.png×2 + Fishes.png×1.0
Caviar.png Caviar Shipwrecked icon.png 12.5 33 3 10d 40s 20 Roe.png + Vegetables.png×1.0 Roe.png
Cooked Roe.pngCooked Roe.pngCooked Roe.png
Ceviche.png Ceviche Shipwrecked icon.png 25 5 20 10d 10s 20 Ice.png + Fishes.png×2.0
Don't Starve Together icon.png No Eggs.pngInedible.png
Coffee.png Coffee Shipwrecked icon.png 9.375 -5 3 10d 10s 30 Cooked Coffee Beans.png x3.0 Only Dairy product.pngSweetener.pngCooked Coffee Beans.png
Collected Dust.png Collected Dust Don't Starve Together icon.png N/A N/A N/A Never Salt Crystals.png + Rocks.pngx2 + Nitre.png
Creamy Potato Purée.png Creamy Potato Purée Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 33 20 15d 20s 20 Potatoes.png + Potatoes.png+ Garlics.png No Meats.pngInedible.png
Dragonpie.png Dragonpie 75 5 40 15d 40s 1 Dragon Fruit ava.png No Meats.png
Fancy Spiralled Tubers.png Fancy Spiralled Tubers Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 15 3 10d 15s 10 Potatoes.png + Twigs.png×1.0 No Meats.pngMonster Foods.png
Max Inedible.png×2.0
Feijoada.png Feijoada Hamlet icon.png 75 15 20 8d 70s 30 Bean Bug.png×3 + Meats.png×0.5
Figatoni.png Figatoni DST icon.png 56.25 15 30 6d 40s 30 Figs.png + Vegetables.png×2.0 No Meats.png
Figgy Frogwich.png Figgy Frogwich DST icon.png 18.75 10 8 15d 20s 1 Figs.png + Frog Leg.png
Figkabab.png Figkabab DST icon.png 25 15 20 15d 20s 30 Figs.png + Meats.png×1.0 + Twigs.png
Fig-Stuffed Trunk.png Fig-Stuffed Trunk DST icon.png 56.25 0 60 10d 40s 40 Figs.png + Koalefant Trunks.png
Fish Tacos.png Fish Tacos 37.5 5 20 6d 10s 10 Corns.png + Fishes.png×0.5
Fishsticks.png Fishsticks 37.5 5 40 10d 40s 10 Fishes.png>0 + Twigs.png×1.0 Fillers cannot be Inedible.png
Fist Full of Jam.png Fist Full of Jam 37.5 5 3 15d 10s 0 Fruits ava.png×0.5 No Meats.pngVegetables.pngInedible.png
Flower Salad.png Flower Salad Reign of Giants icon.png 12.5 5 40 6d 10s 10 Cactus Flower.png + Vegetables.png×1.5 No Fruit.pngMeats.pngEggs.pngSweetener.pngInedible.png
Froggle Bunwich.png Froggle Bunwich 37.5 5 20 15d 40s 1 Frog Legs ava.png + Vegetables.png×0.5
Frozen Banana Daiquiri.png Frozen Banana Daiquiri Don't Starve Together icon.png 18.75 15 30 15d 20s 1 Cave Bananas.png×1 + Ice.png No Twigs.png
Fruit Medley.png Fruit Medley 25 5 20 6d 10s 0 Fruits ava.png×3.0 No Meats.pngVegetables.png
Guacamole.png Guacamole Reign of Giants icon.png 37.5 0 20 10d 10s 10 Cactus Flesh.png + Moleworm.png No Fruits ava.png
Cactus Flesh.png or Ripe Stone Fruit.png
Gummy Cake.png Gummy Cake Hamlet icon.png 150 -5 -3 20d 40s 1 Gummy Slug.png + Sweetener.png×1.0 No Meats.png
Hard Shell Tacos.png Hard Shell Tacos Hamlet icon.png 37.5 5 20 15d 20s 1 Weevole Carapace.png + Weevole Carapace.png + Vegetables.png×0.5
Honey Ham.png Honey Ham 75 5 30 15d 40s 2 Honey.png + Meats.png>1.5 No Inedible.png
Max Monster Foods.png×1.0
Honey Nuggets.png Honey Nuggets 37.5 5 20 15d 40s 2 Honey.png + Meats.png>0 No Inedible.png
Max Meats.png×1.5
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Reign of Giants icon.png 25 50 0 3d 10s 10 Ice.png + Dairy product.png×1.0 + Sweetener.png×1.0 No Meats.pngEggs.pngVegetables.pngInedible.png
Iced Tea.png Iced Tea Hamlet icon.png 12.5 33 3 6d 10s 30 Orange Piko.png + Orange Piko.png + Ice.png + Sweetener.png×1.0
Jellybeans.png Jellybeans Don't Starve Together icon.png 0 5 122
in 2 min
Never 50s 12 Royal Jelly.png No Inedible.pngMonster Foods.png
Jelly-O Pop.png Jelly-O Pop Shipwrecked icon.png 12.5 0 20 3d 10s 20 Jellyfish.png + Ice.png + Inedible.png×1.0
Jelly Salad.png Jelly Salad Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 50 0 6d 40s 50 Leafy Meats.png×2 + Sweetener.png×2.0
Kabobs.png Kabobs 37.5 5 3 15d 40s 5 Meats.png>0 + Twigs.png×1.0 No Inedible.png
Max Monster Foods.png×1.0
Mandrake Soup.png Mandrake Soup 150 5 100 6d 60s 10 Mandrake.png
Meatballs.png Meatballs 62.5 5 3 10d 15s -1 Meats.png>0 No Inedible.png
Meated Nettles.png Meated Nettles Hamlet icon.png 37.5 5 20 8d 20s 1 Nettle.pngx2.0 + Meats.png×1.0 No Inedible.png
Meaty Stew.png Meaty Stew 150 5 12 10d 15s 0 Meats.png×3.0 No Inedible.pngTallbird Eggs.pngMandrake.png
Melonsicle.png Melonsicle Reign of Giants icon.png 12.5 20 3 3d 10s 10 Watermelon.png + Ice.png + Twigs.png×1.0 No Meats.pngEggs.pngVegetables.png
Milkmade Hat.png Milkmade Hat Don't Starve Together icon.png 187.5 in 4 min -5.3 in 4 min 0 Never 40s 55 Naked Nostrils.png + Kelp Fronds.png + Dairy.png
Monster Lasagna.png Monster Lasagna 37.5 -20 -20 6d 10s 10 Monster Foods.png×2.0 No Inedible.png
Mushy Cake.png Mushy Cake Don't Starve Together icon.png 25 10 0 15d 20s 30 Moon Shroom.png + Red Cap.png + Blue Cap.png + Green Cap.png
Mussel Bouillabaise.png Mussel Bouillabaise Shipwrecked icon.png 37.5 15 20 10d 40s 30 Mussel.png x 2 + Vegetables.png x 2 No Cooked Mussel.png
Leafy Meatloaf.png Leafy Meatloaf Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 5 8 20d 40s 25 Leafy Meats.png×2
Nettle Rolls.png Nettle Rolls Hamlet icon.png 25 5 20 6d 10s 0 Nettle.png + Nettle.png + Nettle.png
Pierogi.png Pierogi 37.5 5 40 20d 20s 5 Eggs.png×1.0 + Meats.png>0 + Vegetables.png>0 No Inedible.png
Plain Omelette.png Plain Omelette Don't Starve Together icon.png 50 5 3 20d 20s 1 Eggs.png×3.0
Powdercake.png Powdercake 0 0 -3 18750d 10s 10 (Corns.pngor Popperfish.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png) + Honey.png + Twigs.png×1.0
Pumpkin Cookies.png Pumpkin Cookie 37.5 15 0 10d 40s 10 Pumpkin.png + Sweetener.png×2.0
Ratatouille.png Ratatouille 25 5 3 15d 20s 0 Vegetables.png×0.5 No Meats.pngInedible.png
Salsa Fresca.png Salsa Fresca Don't Starve Together icon.png 25 33 3 15d 10s 20 Toma Roots.png + Onions.png No Meats.pngInedible.pngEggs.png
Seafood Gumbo.png Seafood Gumbo Shipwrecked icon.png 37.5 20 40 10d 20s 10 Fishes.png>2.0
Seafood Gumbo.png Seafood Gumbo Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 20 40 10d 20s 10 Eels.png×1 Fishes.png>1.0
Shark Fin Soup.png Shark Fin Soup Shipwrecked icon.png 12.5 -10 40 10d 10s 20 Shark Fin.png
Snake Bone Soup.png Snake Bone Soup Hamlet icon.png 25 10 40 10d 20s 20 Snake Bone.png + Snake Bone.png + Meats.png×2.0
Soothing Tea.png Soothing Tea DST icon.png 0 15 + 30 over 1 min 3 3d 20s 1 Forget-Me-Lots.png + Sweetener.png + Ice.png No Meats.pngMonster Foods.pngFishes.pngVegetables.pngInedible.pngDairy.pngEggs.png
Spicy Chili.png Spicy Chili Reign of Giants icon.png 37.5 0 20 10d 10s 10 Vegetables.png×1.5 + Meats.png×1.5
Spicy Vegetable Stinger.png Spicy Vegetable Stinger Hamlet icon.png 25 33 3 15d 10s 15 (Asparaguses.png or Radish.png)+ Ice.png + Vegetables.png×1.5 Don't Starve Together icon.png See equivalent recipe
Steamed Ham Sandwich.png Steamed Ham Sandwich Hamlet icon.png 37.5 15 40 6d 40s 5 Foliage.png + Meat.png + Vegetables.png×1.0 No Monster Foods.png
Meat.png or Cooked Meat.png
Steamed Twigs.png Steamed Twigs Don't Starve Together icon.png N/A N/A N/A 10d 10s -5 Twigs.pngx3 No Meats.png Eggs.png Dairy.png Nightmare Fuel.png
Stuffed Eggplant.png Stuffed Eggplant 37.5 5 3 15d 40s 1 Eggplant ava.png + Vegetables.png×0.5
Stuffed Fish Heads.png Stuffed Fish Heads Don't Starve Together icon.png 75 0 20 3d 40s 25 Barnacle.png + Fishes.png×1.0
Stuffed Pepper Poppers.png Stuffed Pepper Poppers Don't Starve Together icon.png 25 -5 30 15d 40s 20 Peppers.png + Meats.png×0.5 No Inedible.png
Max Meats.png×1.5
Surf 'n' Turf.png Surf 'n' Turf Shipwrecked icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 33 60 10d 20s 30 Meats.png×2.5 + Fishes.png×1.5 No Ice.png
Taffy.png Taffy 25 15 -3 15d 40s 10 Sweetener.png×3.0 No Meats.png
Tall scotch eggs.png Tall Scotch Eggs Don't Starve Together icon.png 150 5 60 15d 40s 10 Tallbird Egg.png×1.0 Vegetables.png×1.0
Tea.png Tea Hamlet icon.png 12.5 33 3 1d
(Iced Tea.png)
10s 25 Orange Piko.png + Orange Piko.png + Sweetener.png×1.0 No Meats.pngVegetables.pngIce.pngInedible.png
Trail Mix.png Trail Mix Reign of Giants icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png 12.5 5 30 15d 10s 10 Roasted Birchnut.png + (Berries ava.png or Juicy Berries.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png) + Fruits ava.png×0.5 No Meats.pngEggs.pngVegetables.pngDairy product.png
Tropical Bouillabaisse.png Tropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon.png 37.5 15 20 10d 40s 35 Purple Grouper.png + Pierrot Fish.png + Neon Quattro.png + Vegetables.png×1.0
Turkey Dinner.png Turkey Dinner 75 5 20 6d 60s 10 Drumstick.png x 2 Meats.png>0 +

(Vegetables.png or Fruits ava.png)×0.5

When using Barnacle.png don't add Vegetable
Unagi.png Unagi 18.75 5 20 10d 10s 20

Eel ava.png + (Lichen.png or Kelp Frond.png Don't Starve Together icon.png)

Veggie Burger.png Veggie Burger Don't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 33 30 6d 40s 25

Leafy Meats.png + Onions.png + Vegetables.png×1.0

Spicy Vegetable Stinger.png Vegetable Stinger Don't Starve Together icon.png 25 33 3 15d 10s 15 (Asparaguses.png or Toma Roots.png) + Ice.png + Vegetables.png×1.5 No Meats.png Eggs.png Inedible.png
Waffles.png Waffles 37.5 5 60 6d 10s 10 Butter.png + Berries ava.png + Eggs.png×1.0
 Wet Goop.png Wet Goop 0 0 0 6d 5s -2 Results when nothing else works
Wobster Bisque.png Wobster Bisque Shipwrecked icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png 25 10 60 10d 10s 30 Wobster.png + Ice.png
Wobster Dinner.png Wobster Dinner Shipwrecked icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png 37.5 50 60 15d 20s 25 Wobster.png + Butter.png No Meats.pngIce.png