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Exclusive to: Reign of Giants icon.pngShipwrecked icon.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

A glass of milk with every supper.


There are 3 basic Dairy food items in-game, none of which have a cooked version.

There is also 1 Crock Pot recipe that requires Dairy products to be made. (There is 1 additional recipe in the Reign of Giants DLC Reign of Giants icon.png and 3 additional recipes (and one in which Dairy is optional) in the Shipwrecked DLC Shipwrecked icon.png.)

Food Name DLC Health Hunger Sanity Perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe
Requirements* Filler
Coffee.png Coffee Shipwrecked icon.png +3 +9.375 -5 10 10 30 Cooked Coffee Beans.png×3 Only Dairy product.pngSweetener.png or Cooked Coffee Beans.png
Fresh Fruit Crepes.png Fresh Fruit Crepes Shipwrecked icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png +60 +150 +15 10 20 30 Fruit.png×1.5 Butter.pngx1 Honey.pngx1 Cooked in Portable Crock Pot.png
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Reign of Giants icon.png 0 +25 +50 3 10 10 Dairy product.png×1.0 Ice.png×1 Sweetener.png×1 No Meats ava.pngAll Eggs.pngFile:Vegetables ava.pngTwigs.png
Lobster Dinner.png Wobster Dinner Shipwrecked icon.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png +60 +37.5 +50 15 20 25 Wobster.png (Shipwrecked icon.png); Wobster (DST).png (Don't Starve Together icon.png)Butter.png No Meats ava.pngFishes.pngIce.png
Milkmade Hat.png Milkmade Hat Don't Starve Together icon.png 0 187.5 in 4 min -5.3 in 4 min 3d 10s 10 Naked Nostrils.png + Kelp Fronds.png + Dairy.png
Waffles.png Waffles +60 +37.5 +5 6 10 10 Butter.png×1 All Eggs.png×1.0 Berries ava.png×1