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Can be repaired using the inventory wall items.

Can be build up 4 levels.

-Scrapbook Description

Walls are craftable Items and deployable Structures that prevent the player's and Mobs' movement. Depending on the material, different Walls have different maximum Health and levels of flammability. Walls can be made out of Grass, Boards, Stone, and Thulecite, in order of increasing material strength.

The Shipwrecked DLC adds walls made out of Limestone. The Hamlet DLC adds Ancient Walls, which cannot be crafted. Strong Winds are also added in these DLCs, which can damage some walls. Don't Starve Together also adds Moon Rock Walls, which exhibit special behavior in regard to player actions.

Regardless of type, both Deerclops and Bearger can instantly destroy any walls, making it inadvisable to rely on them for protection against the Giants.