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The stories these tell... fascinating...

Warly, Examining a thulecite wall item.

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Wormwood, Examining a thulecite wall.

The Thulecite Wall is the toughest of the walls, having 500 health when initially placed and a maximum health of 800 when fully upgraded. It can be crafted using an Ancient Pseudoscience Station at the cost of one Thulecite. When broken down with a Hammer, it will yield Thulecite Fragments. A Thulecite Wall can be placed down to block the path of both creatures and the player. When built and placed, it will be at its third tier of repair. It can be upgraded into two more tiers with Thulecite Fragments or Thulecite. When hammered, the fifth tier will yield two Thulecite fragments, while the other tiers will only give one. This means that if the player doesn't repair a third tier wall and it gets damaged, it's better to hammer it down and replace it rather than repair it. Thulecite Walls are also found naturally in the Ruins, sometimes around Ancient Guardians and Damaged Clockworks.

The Archival Thulecite Wall is a version of Thulecite Wall present in the Ancient Archive. It behaves exactly as Thulecite Wall.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Before they were implemented, Thulecite Walls had a grayish color instead of the current golden one.
  • Since Thulecite Walls only take one Thulecite to build and each wall drops Thulecite Fragments when hammered, the player can make the walls, hammer them down when they get useless, and still craft the original Thulecite back as long as they place the walls separately or don't combine any of them. This also applies to stone walls, but only in multiples of six (6 stone is required to craft 6 stone walls).

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