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Yep, his slime is slimy too.


Glommer's Goop is a Food Item dropped by Glommer periodically every 2-4 Days, or during their death. Other than its use as fuel for a Fire (with a fuel value of 360 seconds on a Fire Pit and 180 seconds on a Campfire), it can be eaten, providing 40 Health and around 9 Hunger, but decreasing Sanity by 50. It can also be used as a Fertilizer for Farming, with as much strength as Manure.

In Don't Starve Together, when used as a fertilizer it gives one arrow of compost, growth formula, and manure into the soil.

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  • The first ever crafting recipe for this item was Glomglom added in DST.
  • When eaten by Walter, he will start singing a song.