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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

A reinforced boat with a built-in 16 slots container. They don't build them like they used to.

-Scrapbook Description

Similar to Boat, Archaic Boat is a Float Platform that's exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It is the same size as the Boat and provides exactly the same function, plus a unique 16 slots built-in container (which Power Monkeys cannot steal from). The Archaic Boat receives 60% damage from fire compared to that of a normal boat, can take a maximum of 40 damage compared to the Boat's 70 maximum damage, and is slightly more resilient with taking damage before leaks begin to emerge.

The Archaic Boat has 400 health and can be repaired with various materials.

Material Repair Value
Boat Patch.png Boat Patch 25 (repairs leaks)
Boards.png Boards 50
Living Log.png Living Log 37.5
Twigs.png Twigs 13
Log.png Log, Driftwood Piece.png Driftwood Piece 12.5
Trusty Tape.png Trusty Tape 0 (repairs leaks)
Tree Jam.png Tree Jam 20 (repairs leaks)

Archaic Boat Kit

Unlike a Boat Kit, the Archaic Boat Kit is not craftable and can only be acquired from Sunken Chests, it has a 50% chance to spawn in the sailing loot table of the chests, which itself has a 30% chance to be in each Sunken Chest. It creates a Archaic Boat when placed on the Ocean.

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The Archaic Boat was introduced in the Staying Afloat update.

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