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Ancient household goods.


Relics (and Broken Relics) are the remains of the Ancient Civilization found in the Ruins. In Don't Starve Together, Relics are also present in the Ancient Archive. When destroyed, via Hammer or explosives, like Gunpowder, they can drop various items. Broken Relics can be repaired with Rocks to restore 20 sanity.

Tables and chairs can drop Rocks (80%), Cut Stone (10%), and Frazzled Wires (5%), with a rare chance to drop GearsGreen Gems, Yellow Gems, Orange Gems, or Nightmare Fuel (0.2% each).

A vase can drop Trinkets (10%), with a rare chance to drop Silk, Sewing Kits, Thulecite or a second Trinket (0.9% each). Breaking a Vase can also spawn a Cave Spider, Spitter, or a Splumonkey (0.45% each).

Plates, Bowls, and Dishes drop nothing.

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