Fountain of Knowledge

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Wormwood Portrait.png

Wormwood, examining an inactive Fountain of Knowledge.

Warly Portrait.png
I wonder what this machine will cook up for us.

Warly, examining an active Fountain of Knowledge.

The Fountain of Knowledge is a naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It is commonly found in the Ancient Archive biome.

It is initially out of order until activated by the Archive Switch. Once activated, they can be interacted with to produce a Distilled Knowledge.

The three dispensers can be spawned via Console with the following commands:

Terra Firma Tamper:


Astral Detector:


Collected Dust:


Distilled Knowledge

Walter Portrait.png
I wish it came with instructions...


Distilled Knowledge is an item provided by the Fountain of Knowledge. It can be unlocked after solving the Archive Orchestrina puzzle to grant to all present players one Blueprint.

The blueprint contained in the Distilled Knowledge depends on the color of the Fountain of Knowledge it came from.

Color Blueprint
Yellow Fountain of Knowledge.png Terra Firma Tamper Terra Firma Tamper.png Ancient Stonework Blueprint Blueprint (rare).png
Blue Fountain of Knowledge B.png Astral Detector Astral Detector.png
Red Fountain of Knowledge C.png Collected Dust Collected Dust.png


  • The Fountain of Knowledge was introduced in the Forgotten Knowledge update.
  • Judging by the appearance of the yellow Fountain and Maxwell's quote, spare parts of Fountains were incorporated into Maxwell's Clockworks. This is most clearly seen in the Clockwork Bishop, which has a headpiece resembling the top half of the yellow Fountain's bulb. This doesn't make sense as clockworks weren't made by Maxwell, they were created by the Ancients.
  • As seen in its examination quote, Wormwood is the only character that knows what to do to open Distilled Knowledge when first encountering it.