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My scientific know-how tells me that's a perfectly safe mountain!


The Volcano is a naturally occurring object which can be found in the Deep Ocean Biome. The map is limited to only one Volcano. It can be climbed to access the area near the mouth of the Volcano. It also acts as a light source regardless of the season. The Volcano is usually found at one of the edges of the map. When the Volcano is approached, the camera zooms out until the player can see it as a whole.

The Volcano is used to access the Volcano Biome.


Webber Portrait.png
It's raining fire!

Webber, announcing a Volcano eruption

Soon after the flooded areas have dried up completely in Dry Season, the Volcano will start to erupt. Tremors occur three times before each eruption, giving slightly more than half of a day to prepare. When the volcano erupts, Dragoon Eggs rain down from the sky, each briefly showing a shadow where it will land, and targeting areas within and slightly beyond the player's view. Dragoon Eggs deal 300 damage on direct hits to the player character and any Mobs struck.

When falling on land, Dragoon Eggs destroy most structures and set things on fire, and sometimes leave behind Lava Pools. The Pools are a source of light and heat and will disappear less than half of a day later, leaving Rocks, Charcoal, Flint, and Ashes behind.

When falling into the Ocean, Eggs create Big Waves that damage the player's Boat. As the volcano is erupting, the player's view is partially obscured with ash clouds that persist for some time after the eruption ends. During eruptions, birds stop spawning.

During each eruption, a few Dragoon Eggs remain intact enough to hatch approximately less than half a day later. During the hatching process, the Egg will make cracking noises as well as shake and jump.

Eruptions last about 30 seconds, with 1.5 days between each eruption. However, during the last days of the season, eruption frequency and duration massively increases.

The Altar of Snackrifice can be used in order to either delay the eruption or expedite it.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Wilbur Vs. the Volcano update added the ability to climb onto the Volcano.
  • While the Volcano is in view, and the camera has zoomed out, the player cannot rotate the camera.
  • Spawning a Volcano with the Console will not create a new place but a new entrance to the already existing Volcano's inside. The camera will not zoom out when approaching a player spawned Volcano until the game is reloaded.
  • During new moons, Rainbow Jellyfish will migrate from the volcano to the center of the map. When seeing them on a new moon, go the opposite way they are to find the volcano.
  • The sound effect of Dragoon Eggs falling is similar to the sound effect of Admiral Akainu's techniques Ryusei Kazan from Japanese animated series One Piece.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Removing the Volcano via the Console will cause player to be locked in zoom out, until they exit the game world. This will also not remove eruptions and spawning burning rocks.
  • If the Volcano is in view as an eruption period ends, it may continue the eruption animation without spewing any missiles.
  • The Volcano’s icon on the map may not change from dry season to mild season, even if the dry season ends.
  • Warly generates a new Portable Crock Pot upon entering the Volcano

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