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Hello, flort!


Merms are semi-aggressive Mobs that live in Mermhouses, which are found in Marshes. They are covered in dark green scales, and have bulging eyes, gaping mouths, and gills on the sides of their heads.

They take two blasts from the Ice Staff to be frozen and just one Sleep Dart to be put to sleep. Merms drop raw Fish and Frog Legs when killed, and these remains can often be found in Marshes after Merms battle with Tentacles.

Merms eat Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Mandrakes, and even Crock Pot Recipes.

Brain.png Behavior

Merms spawn from Mermhouses, which can be found in Marsh Biomes. They also spawn in specific set pieces, including a set piece where they spawn with pigs, resulting in them fighting. A Mermhouse can house up to 4 Merms, and it respawns a Merm in 4 days after it's killed. During the Day, only 1 Merm per Mermhouse is normally outside (unless it gets into combat, in which case all the other Merms come out), and when Dusk comes, all Merms go outside, much like Spiders.

Merms will only become aggressive if a mob or player gets too close to their house. Similar to Pigs, when they are provoked, they will attack in groups and will kite. They only react to incoming players, Pigs, Bunnymen, ChesterHutch, Gobblers, Rock Lobsters, Abigail, MacTusks, Wee MacTusk, and Mandrakes.

In Don't Starve Together, one Merm will spawn from Craftsmerm House. Merms will naturally regenerate their health in a speed of 5.2 health per 10 seconds. Merms are neutral toward Wurt, players wearing the Clever Disguise, and all their followers. Merms and Frogs are also neutral toward each others. As long as the King of the Merms is alive, Merms are neutral towards all players and mobs and gain +60 Health and +10 damage. Wurt, or any character wearing the Clever Disguise, can recruit Merms as followers by feeding them vegetarian food or raw Fishes for 25 Hunger Meter.png per day (14.2 Hunger Meter.png per day if King of the Merms is alive). Just like Wurt, Merms can eat Kelp or Durians without taking damage. They can follow up to 3 days without eating. If you kill a fish as Wurt while Merms are following you, they will immediatly stop following you and go back to their house.

Spear.png Hunting

A Mermhouse.

Merms can be kited, very similarly to Pigs. Thanks to the hostile nature of the Marsh Biome, Merms are often discovered in pitched battle with Tentacles, Spiders, or both. For this reason, they make for an excellent source of Tentacle Spikes, Tentacle Spots, Monster Meat, Fish, Frog Legs, Spider Glands, and Silk: Simply wait for the Merms to finish fighting, then clean up what they leave.

It isn't recommended to fight several Merms at once, as they run faster than the player and will kite, like Pigs. Once the player runs some distance apart from a Merm, it will stop being aggressive and will walk back to its house.

To start a battle between Merms and Tentacles, Fruits or Vegetables can be used as bait. When a Merm finds the food, it will approach and eat them one by one. Placing a few Fruits and Vegetables near a Tentacle close to a Mermhouse will increase the chance of a Merm getting attacked by the Tentacle while going after or eating the food. When the Tentacle attacks the Merm, more Merms will come out to fight. Alternatively, Merms can simply be lured towards a Tentacle while they are chasing the player character.

Since Merms are always wet, weapons like the Morning Star and Electric Blow Darts are excellent choices as they do bonus damage to wet mobs.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill Merms when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Weapon Fishing Rod.pngBug Net.png Lucy the Axe.png Shovel.png Pitchfork.png

Hammer.png Torch.png Umbrella.png

Walking Cane.png Willow's Lighter.png

Axe.png Pickaxe.png

Luxury Axe.png Opulent Pickaxe.png


PickSlashAxe.png Spear.png Bat Bat.png Ham Bat.png Morning Star.png Tentacle Spike.png Battle Spear.png

Thulecite Club.png Tooth Trap.png Slurtle Slime.png

Fire Dart.png Fire Staff.png

Dark Sword.png Blow Dart.png Gunpowder.pngOld Bell.png
No. of hits for
59 19 15 10 9 8 6 5-9 4 5 4 3 1

Sign.png Merm Names

In Don't Starve Together, Merms are assigned a random name. They can be viewed by mousing over the Merm.

Possible Merm names:

  • Flargle
  • Flop
  • Flot
  • Flugh
  • Flupt
  • Flurgle
  • Fopt
  • Furp
  • Furt
  • Glogh
  • Glop
  • Glot
  • Glugh
  • Glup
  • Glurp
  • Glurt
  • Glurble
  • Gogh
  • Gop
  • Gopt
  • Gorp
  • Gort
  • Gugh
  • Gup
  • Gupt
  • Gurble
  • Gurp
  • Gurt
  • Audrey
  • Jeffrey
  • Johnny
  • Isabella
  • Madeline
  • Michael
  • Penelope
  • Sarah
  • Simon
  • Trevor

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content

A Merm's home in Shipwrecked.

Merms also appear in the Shipwrecked DLC, with minor differences. In the DLC, they will drop Tropical Fish instead of Fish and Frog Legs. Merms in Shipwrecked live in and spawn from Merm Huts, instead of Mermhouses. The DLC also introduces a passive variant of Merms, called the Fishermerm.

Gramophone.png Quotes

In Don't Starve Together, follower Merms have quotes:


  • Will come with you.
  • Flort glut.
  • Make Mermfolk strong!
  • Blut gloppy Glurtsu!
  • You help Mermfolk!
  • Glut Glurtsu flopt!
  • You okay.
  • Florpy flort.

When chopping

  • Will come with you.
  • Flort glut.
  • Make Mermfolk strong!
  • Blut gloppy Glurtsu!
  • Chop, choppy, chop!"
  • "Grop, groppy, grop!
  • Work hard, florp!"
  • "Glort blut, florp!

When mining

  • Will come with you.
  • Flort glut.
  • Make Mermfolk strong!
  • Blut gloppy Glurtsu!
  • Break rock, easy!
  • Wult wop, florty flort!
  • Work hard, florp!
  • Glort blut, florp!

When finding food

  • This do fine.
  • Glort grolt flut.
  • Find something tasty!
  • Glurt florpy flut!
  • (Sniff) Smell good!
  • (Sniff) Groph flort!


  • Glorp! Go away!
  • Glorp! Glorpy glup!
  • Destroy you!
  • Wult glut!

Panicking at boss

  • Something coming!
  • Gloppy flort!
  • Aaah!! Bad thing! Bad thing!
  • Gloooorph!! Glurph glot! Glurph glot!
  • It come to destroy us!
  • Flort wult Glurtsu!

Panicking at boss (King of the Merms.png alive)

  • Rally to King!
  • Glurtsen blut flort!
  • Hurry! Protect kingdom!
  • Flurph flrot! Gloppy Glurtsam!
  • S-stay brave!!
  • G-glop blut flrot!!

Prototype.png Tips

  • In Shipwrecked DLC, normal Merms drop significantly less valuable loot (only 1 Tropical Fish) and can be a nuisance to players trying to collect resources in the biome they inhabit. They are also not a very effective defense against Crocodog waves, preferring to attack the player instead. Their kiting pattern also makes them inefficient for use in an Elephant Cactus farm. It may therefore be practical to demolish their houses and drive them to extinction
    • Their Fishermerm counterparts likewise should be kept alive: Merms do not spawn in Fishermerm's Huts, and Fishermerms do not eat the fish that they periodically catch. The difference between Merm Huts and Fishermerm Huts is the blue paint and the fish and trident symbols adorning the Fishermerm's Hut.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Merms were added in A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • "Merm" is an abbreviation for "Merman", a man-sized creature with the tail of a fish.
  • Merms are almost certainly based on the Deep Ones, a race of fish-like humanoids from the horror fiction of American author H. P. Lovecraft, who live in Innsmouth, a run-down town similar to Merm villages. They may also be based on the Gill-Man, the antagonist of the famous movie, The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • Kevin (Klei's lead developer) answered the question "Why do Merms drop Fish?" in the ShannonZKiller's pre-release Twitch video. The answer was "They are made of fish".
  • Merms are not created by Maxwell like other monsters, judging by his quote: "They were already here when I arrived."
  • Pig Heads, as of The End is Nigh update, spawn in Merm villages, and along Roads passing through Marshes. This suggests some kind of hostility between the two tribes of animals. Similarly, Merm Heads spawn inside some Pig Villages.
  • Merms are instantly hostile (unless fighting something else) when spawned via the Console because they have no house to placate them.
  • Merms feature in The Gorge event for Don't Starve Together are the result of a plague inflicted on the beings of this Gate Realm by the Gnaw. When players let the Hangry Meter go completely empty, they will succumb to the plague and turn into Merms themselves.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Merms may continue to attack the location of a Tentacle after the Tentacle has been killed.

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