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Twiggy Trees are a resource variant of Saplings exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Their life cycle alternates between small, normal, large and old states. A complete cycle lasts between 9.5 and 15.5 days and they grow in all seasons.

When chopped down they yield TwigsLogs, and Twiggy Tree Cones. Every time a Twiggy tree changes stage from old to short, it checks ground for Twigs in a 2 pitchfork tile radius. If there are no Twigs on the ground in that area, the tree will drop one. If there is 1 Twig, it has a 1/2 chance of dropping one. If there are 2 or more twigs in that radius, no more twigs will spawn.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Compared to Saplings, the benefits of Twiggy Trees are:
    • They will continue to provide Twigs during Winter.
    • They will not wither during Summer.
    • They will continue spawning Twigs without the player having to interact with them.
    • They can be multiplied.
    • If chopped, they yield a log along with the seed to replant it.
  • Despite the benefits, it is preferable to have a world mostly occupied by saplings. This is because twiggy trees take much more time to harvest than saplings and require an axe to chop. Ironically, getting the twigs to make an axe early on can be difficult, especially on worlds with a lot of players. Also, they can be propagated easily, allowing you to have the benefits of both twig sources in a single world.
  • When chopping twiggy trees purely for twigs, it is actually more efficient to chop the short trees. (Short trees take 5 chops each allowing for 3 twigs every 15 chops. Large trees take 15 chops each and only drop 2 twigs.)

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Twiggy Trees are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • Twiggy Trees were re-skinned in the Rev. 180814.
  • Twiggy Trees used to be able to get Diseased and would die after a few days as they were not meant to co-exist with Saplings. In A New Reign however, this feature has been removed.
  • Based on their leaves and pine cones, Twiggy Trees are probably based on an araucarian.

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