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Glass Sculptures are carryable Structures exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. In order to acquire Glass Sculptures, the players need to fight the Antlion during Summer. Glass Sculptures can be broken with a Hammer quite easily, and will also break if the Antlion spawns in a new Sand Castle or Sand Spike underneath the Sculpture. Similar to Suspicious Marble and Chess Pieces, they cannot be put in the Inventory and go directly into the chest slot if picked up, causing the player to become very slow.

Glass Spike

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Glass Spikes come in three different sizes. To obtain a Glass Spike, players need to melt the Antlion's Sand Spikes using a Torch, a Fire Staff, or a Lighter.

Glass Castle

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See? Fire solves everything.


To obtain a Glass Castle, players need to use a Torch, a Fire Staff, or a Lighter to melt the Sand Castles that are used by the Antlion to trap them.

Prototype.png Tips

  • An easy way to carry Glass Sculptures is to ride a Beefalo, since Beefalo are not affected by the players' speed.

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