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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

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It's like a Pew-matic. But obviously not as good.


The Spear Gun is a craftable ranged weapon introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. It requires 3 Bamboo and 1 Jellyfish to craft and a Science Machine to prototype. To be fired, it needs to be loaded with a Spear, Poison Spear, Obsidian Spear, or Battle Spear by right-clicking when holding a spear over the Spear Gun in the player's inventory. Spears cannot be unloaded from a Spear Gun while in the player's inventory, however dropping the Spear Gun will drop the loaded spear separately, allowing both the Spear Gun and the spear to be retrieved without durability loss.

When fired, it throws the loaded spear at the target, which deals 3 times the normal damage of the spear. The spear lands on the ground next to the attacked Mob and must be picked up and loaded again. The spears lose 10 uses when fired though the Spear Gun. The Spear Gun itself has 8 uses. Poison and fire effects of Poison Spear and Obsidian Spear apply when they are launched with a Spear Gun.

Weapon Spear Uses Damage Perk
Spear Gun Spear.png Spear.png 8
(76.5 Wendy Portrait.png Wes Portrait.png)
(127.5 Wigfrid Portrait.png)
(51-204 Wolfgang Portrait.png)
Spear Gun Poison.png Poison Spear.png 8
102 (26 Venom Gland.png)
(76.5 (26 Venom Gland.png) Wendy Portrait.png Wes Portrait.png)
(127.5 (26 Venom Gland.png) Wigfrid Portrait.png)
(51-204 (26 Venom Gland.png) Wolfgang Portrait.png)
Poisons target
Spear Gun Obsidian.png Obsidian Spear.png 8
153 - 204 Charged.png
(114.75 - 153 Charged.png Wendy Portrait.png Wes Portrait.png)
(191.25 - 255Charged.png Wigfrid Portrait.png)
(76.5 - 408 Charged.png Wolfgang Portrait.png)
Ignites target outside the Hurricane Season
Increased damage when charged
Emits light when charged
Spear Gun Battle.png Battle Spear.png 8 127.5 (159.375 as Wigfrid Portrait.png)

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Old Speargun version.