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Codex Umbra.png This is a policy page for Don't Starve Wiki.
It contains widely accepted standards that editors should normally follow. Any significant changes must require community consensus. You can make a discussion in forum.

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Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content, in a deliberate attempt to damage Don't Starve Wiki. Examples of typical vandalism are adding irrelevant obscenities and crude humor to a page, illegitimately blanking pages, and inserting obvious nonsense into a page. Abusive creation or usage of user accounts and IP addresses may also constitute vandalism.

Vandalism is prohibited. While editors are encouraged to warn and educate vandals, warnings are by no means necessary for an administrator to block. However mislabeling good-faith edits as vandalism can be considered harmful. The following section provides examples of vandalism for users to identify.

Users should be judged with good faith before they are considered to be banned by administrators.

What is considered as vandalism?

Gears.png Reminder to rollback: Please read Don't Starve Wiki:Rollbacks#Important Note before taking any actions.

  • Abuse of tags
  • Blanking whole page
  • Comment vandalism
  • Edit summary vandalism
  • Image vandalism
  • Link vandalism
  • Malicious multiple account creation
  • Misinformation (intentional)
  • Nonsense (intentional)
  • Page creation, lengthening, move (illegitimate)
  • Repeated uploading of copyrighted files
  • Removing tags and templates of an article
  • Template vandalism
  • User page and message wall vandalism

What is not considered as vandalism?

  • Boldly editing despite consensus reached previously.
  • Disruptive writing or stubbornness or edit war.
  • Edit tests by experimenting users.
    • Such edits are prohibited but they are not vandalism unless they commit again after being reminded.
  • Harassment or personal attack.
    • Such edits are prohibited but they are not vandalism unless this is done on the victim's userpage or message wall.
  • Incorrect wiki markup and failure to adhere to Manual of Style.
  • Misinformation (accidental)
  • Nonsense (accidental)

What you can do ?

  • Report vandalism to any active Admins on their message wall.
    • Request for protection or deletion of vandalise pages.
    • Request for blocking vandals.
  • Revert the damage caused by vandalism.
  • Apply for Rollback or Custodian rights to fight against vandalism.
  • If a user commits serious disruptive editing, you may issue a warning {{vandal}} on their message wall.
  • If a user commits a little disruptive editing, you may insert {{prevandal}}, or politely remind them not to commit further.

No active admins

If there is no active admin in the wiki, you may report at VSTF. The Volunteer Spam Task Force is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom clear and free of spam.