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Codex Umbra.png This is a policy page for Don't Starve Wiki.
It contains widely accepted standards that editors should normally follow. Any significant changes must require community consensus. You can make a discussion in forum.

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A bot is a piece of software that makes automated edits on a community and also helps human users to make semi-automated edits. Bots are given various rights to complete repetitive tasks:

  • Be treated as an automated process (bot)
  • Create and add items to a Top 10 list page (toplists-create-item)
  • Create and edit Top 10 list pages (toplists-create-edit-list)
  • Edit semi-protected pages (autoconfirmed)
  • Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled (autopatrol)
  • Not be affected by rate limits (noratelimit)
  • Not create redirects from source pages when moving pages (suppressredirect)
  • Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt (nominornewtalk)
  • Perform CAPTCHA-triggering actions without having to go through the CAPTCHA (skipcaptcha)
  • Use higher limits in API queries (apihighlimits)
  • Use of the write API (writeapi)
  • welcomeexempt (welcomeexempt)

As bots can make many edits during their run, their edits can overwhelm the recent changes list, making it difficult to see and respond to edits by human users. For this reason, bots that have been tested and approved by a community can be given a bot flag.

To receive a bot flag, please make request on request for user rights.

Important notes

Bots on Fandom must use a limited editing rate so that they don't overload Fandom's servers. For most bot programs, a rate throttle is built in, so you don't need to worry about this. However, if you find your bot making more than one edit per second, then it's time to slow it down.

A bot account's User Profile and Talk Page should:

  • Clearly identify the account as a bot
  • Link to its owner's user talk page for questions
  • Encourage users to have the bot blocked by an admin if its automated edits are causing damage to the community — the block can be lifted after the causes for the damaging edits are understood and fixed.

Check Page

Gears.png Reminders to admin: See local checkpage at Don't Starve Wiki:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage.

AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) makes use of a whitelist called a 'check page'. On Fandom, if this page exists locally on the community (in the format of Fandom Check Page), the bot's username (or the username the bot will run on) will need to be on this checkpage in order to operate on the Fandom. If the checkpage does not exist, there is no restriction and AWB can be run without requiring the whitelist. This is done to restrict unauthorized bot programs from being run on communities.

For more information on using and making bots, see AutoWikiBrowser, Pywikipediabot or Creating a bot.

Who are this wiki's bots?

For a updated list of bots generated by system, see Special:ListUsers/bot

Bot name Status Remarks
Anemobot Inactive owned by Anemicne
Mentalbot Inactive owned by Mentalistpro