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This guide on how to kill Dragonfly will cover a basic overview of the boss, preparation guidelines and strategies. Dragonfly is a difficult boss in Don’t Starve Together, sporting a large health pool of 27,500. Dragonfly is equipped with an enrage mechanic that may trigger when all of her larvae have been killed. It is also important to note that Dragonfly has a higher base speed than the player, meaning that she can easily land a few hits while players are attempting to escape.

For this reason, players should be appropriately equipped with higher-end battle gear. This gear includes items such as ham bats, dark swords, football helmets/battle helms, log suits and marble suits. Players should also enter battle ready with sufficient healing items such as pierogi or dragonpies. The number of healing items will depend on your battle strategy, confidence in fighting, and protection. It is recommended, however, to be prepared with at least 800 health worth of food (the equivalent of 20 pierogis). Gear will also depend on your confidence and strategy