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Meat Farm Guide

Want a steady fount of food? Well, this is the guide for you.

You Will Need

Making It

Use the Bunny Puffs, Carrots, and Boards to make a Rabbit Hutch. Place it somewhere with some space around it.

Rabbit Hutch

Make Ropes with the grass, the player should get 10 rope.

Use the Hound's Tooths, Ropes, and Logs to make Tooth Traps.

Place the tooth traps around the exit of the rabbit hutch, In a half circle shape. Have more on the front of the hutch and less on the sides.

The Result

The result should look something like the picture below to the right. Note that in the picture a lot more than 10 traps were used, however 10 is enough. Also there is a second farm only started (to the left).

"Meat Farm"

When the "farm" is finished it should produce 2 carrots, 1 meat (75%) and 1 bunny puff (25%) every day. Check the trap for drops and reset tooth traps every morning. There should be drops every morning, but there is a slight chance that the bunnyman spawns on the wrong side of the hutch and therefor doesn't get killed. To avoid this more tooth traps can be placed around the hutch. Also, even though he survives the first time, he should die the next night when he tries to get out.

The farm allows the player to get fresh carrots in the middle of the winter.

Check the Bunnyman page for more info.