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Gramophone.png This is an archived page for previous polls, please do not make any edits if not necessary.

<poll> What is your favorite part about A New Reign? All the new bosses! Bee Queen, Klaus, Toadstool, Antlion, Shadow Pieces, Ancient Fuelweaver... The events! Hallowed Nights, Winter's Feast, Year of the Gobbler... The new cosmetics! Critters, Fences, GATES, Moondials, Pottery... The lore! Charlie on the throne is amazing. Adventure! The cornocopia of new loyal and tragic deaths. Something else... </poll>

<poll> What is the best part of Don't Starve: Shipwrecked? Exploring the open ocean. Packim Baggims. The new Crock Pot dishes. More adventure! New ways of dying horrible and tragic deaths. The new biomes. The Ice Maker 3000. Poison weapons. Something else. </poll>

<poll> What do you think about the new Reign of Giants DLC? I can't wait for it. It doesn't seem all that interesting to me. I'm a bit strapped for cash to afford any sort of DLC. </poll>

<poll> Death in Caves now follows the normal rules, will this affect how you play? It's about time! I'm staying out of them from now on! I'll go in when I need the resources. I don't go down there anyway. I've got Meat Effigies... I'm just glad I can finally bring my entourage! </poll>

<poll> Are the new Ancient Items too powerful? Yes, nothing can stop you! No, they come late enough not to matter. I've never tried them. I spawn them in for kicks. What are "Ancient" items? </poll>

<poll> Klei has suggested there will be 1-2 new characters in the next updates, who do you want most? Wortox Winnie Wilbur Webber Wilton Wallace Waverly Someone new... </poll>

<poll> Don't Starve has been adding more Magic recently than Science, what do you prefer? Science Magic Survival I just like to hunt </poll>

<poll> Which character's redesign is your favorite? Wilson Willow Wendy Wolfgang WX-78 Wickerbottom Wes I prefer Woodie. I miss the old days... </poll>

<poll> What is your favorite follower in the game? Pigs Bunnymen Beardlords Rock Lobsters Smallbird Smallish Tallbird Chester The monsters chasing me! I go it alone. </poll>

<poll> What is your favorite new Caves feature? Bunnymen Cave Spiders/Spitters Batilisks Earthquakes Slurtle/Snurtle Lantern Mushtrees/Light Flowers Renewable Rocks I'm too busy surviving to Spelunk </poll>

<poll> What makes you love Don't Starve? Exploration and Survival! Building a huge base! The artwork/graphics! The challenge of Adventure (mode)! Chester! Wearing Rabbits as Earmuffs! Being able to eat cute and furry mobs! </poll>

<poll> How do you think the progress towards Don't Starve has been? Great, looking forward to new updates to the game Could be better Too difficult now because of updates Excellent updates, dev support, brilliant game so far </poll>

<poll> Is the Don't Starve has any effects on you? It's addictive. It makes me confusing every new day. I got hungry while playing the game. Every new tralier of update makes me Sherlock. </poll>

<poll> What do you think of "The End is Nigh" update? Can't wait till Adventure Mode is finished! Nice! Finally! Mac and Linux support! It's way too small! </poll>

<poll> What do you think of "Doorway to Adventure" update? Amazing features. It makes the game more interesting. Finally, I can fight Maxwell with my Wilson! It makes the game too easy, Don't Starve isn't starving anymore. I have no idea but it needs further tweaking. </poll>

<poll> Have you seen the new things added from the "A Little Rain Must Fall" update? I don't played so much, I couldn' see it. Amazing features, all of them are for making the game interesting. Too hard to see new things... I just seen them from wiki. </poll>

<poll> What do you think about sanity and go Insane? Adds some hardcore in game Adds trouble to game Makes nights harder At least we can eat taffy </poll>

<poll> How is the Food spoiling system working out for you? Putting "starve" in "Don't Starve"! Needs further tweaking Annoying, rather food didn't spoil </poll>

<poll> What do you think of Krampus' naughtiness rating system? Great feature Needs tweaking Poor feature Devs screwed up </poll>

<poll> What do you think about Don't Starve's difficulty? Too easy! Too hard! Just fine! </poll>