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Takes 18,750 Days To Rot, huh?


hi , welcome to my profile.

i dont contribute as much as i used to- like, a lot less, but i used to be the powdercake challenge guy. really enjoyed dont starve in its day, starting a youtube channel over it because of frequent requests to post powdercake videos. they became quite popular, reaching like 3k views at their peak, but making powdercake videos became a chore, especially when people stopped watching em. i made a variety of videos for a couple years, but gameplay was stale, so I made some trashy animations , which was somewhat fun, but it got old, and never got views. i uploaded less and less frequently, very uninspired for life reasons. i mostly make games, music, and art now

if you want a reliable way to contact me outside the wiki, my website will likely always have a few. its also a great place to find where i post my works. thanks for reading <3

Blueprint.png random things i made here