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Welcome to my Profile!
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Hello to anyone visiting my page! My name is Jon and I'm a big Don't Starve fan. I'm also an active Admin here on theDon't Starve Wiki. I'm happy to answer any questions and sort out errors, or just chat about the game. Here on Wikia I focus on general polishing and maintenance trying to make the site look great for anyone browsing. I'm also committed to fighting vandalism whenever it occurs and want to see this wiki shine! Please leave a message on my wall if you have any questions or need help, and let me know if any page needs work.

Game info:

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I typically play Wickerbottom as I prefer her freedom rather than being tied to my Alchemy Engine, although I have been known to play Willow or Wolfgang. My favorite Crock Pot food is Pierogi cuz it's just too easy to make and gives you the best combination of Health, Hunger, and Spoil time. I don't spend much time in Caves, although I do spelunk from time to time for extra Stone. When building, I try to stay near the Marsh so I have easy access to Reeds, as well as Silk and my favorite Crock Pot filler Monster Meat!