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Hello I'm Zirman, also know as Queen Tophatty or QT on the wiki!

I'm an active editor on this Wiki and will help you with any questions that you have!

If someone has greifed a page and an admin has not had the time to get to it please contact me. I know how to revert/ fix most greifs. Even if I'm offline, send your questions anyways, I'll get to them as soon as possible!

Happy editting!

(Me and my pet puppy Nailer during his first winter)

Don't Starve Favourites

Fav Character: WX-78

I find it funny how WX talks in all caps. And that robotic noise is also quite entertaining. I'm also quite fond of robots in general.

Fav Item: Willow's Lighter

I know its a character specific item, but I just LOVE the infinte durability, and I love setting things on fire!

Oh my...

Said by WX-78. Its a Doctor Who refrence, and I'm quite into that show. Not to mention I love WX-78 as well!

Fav Weapon: Dark Sword

Yes the Insanity Aura can be quite annoying, but I'm one of those people that will take any disadvantage for pure power and damage!

Fav Creature: Hounds  (Specifically normal ones)

I just really love their scratchy black mark design, giant teeth, and their devilish sharp eyes. I wish I could have one as a pet in game. A little puppy one!

Fav Animal: Beefalos

Because Beefalos (and their babies) are adorable!

Fav Biome: Grassland

Whenever I start a new world the first thing I do is fine a rich plot of resources in a Grassland biome, dig everything up, and just live in the middle of it. Then I leave most of the resources alone and let them grow for emergency supplies in the Winter. It works quite well!

Fav Death: Death of the Queen

The Spider Queen was brand new, and I had set up a spider farm near my house. 3 Teir 3 Spider Dens, that I would hit, lead the spiders to a nearby swamp, and let the Tentacles do the work. But as of the update, when I hit one of the dens all 3 gradually turned into Queens. Now they didn't technically kill me, but there were SO many spiders that the world was pretty much unplayable. Because at that time the Queens could spawn an infinite number of spiders. So sadly, I had to delete 113. What a pity.

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