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DST Playstyle

Deiaa's Wendy.png

In Don't Starve Together, I play as Wendy most of the time, because I think I am able to make the best use out of her perks to the advantage of the group.

I never take anything - not even open a container - without permission, and even then I only take what I really need. Ironically, sometimes I find myself actually putting stuff there.

I almost always play on servers that are not modded.

It may be difficult to find me in a public server, but If you happen to stumble into me in a server, hello!

Player Profile

Deiaa is a neutral, sentient creature who can usually be found in savanna biomes. While peaceful against most creatures, if provoked, he will put on a Thulecite Suit and a Thulecite Crown; defending against 99% of damage dealt to him. He can attack at both range and melee, making him a dangerous enemy when fought. He is most distinguishable by his Tam O' Shanter.

Brain.png Behavior

Deiaa will spawn at his base, a Set Piece which contains:

He will spawn along with a Shadow Chester following him. When killed he drops a Walking Cane, a Dark Sword, 5-10 Blow Darts, and a chance for a Lazy Explorer and his Tam O' Shanter. He respawns 1 day later through his Meat Effigy.

If he is outrun, he will wear his Tam O' Shanter and Walking Cane again and return to his home.

Winter Hat.png Winter

Deiaa knows the times of winter, and will begin growing a beard around middle Summer, which increases in size as winter approaches. During winter, his beard will reach its maximum size and he will wear a Beefalo Hat most of the time. He will still wear his Tam O' Shanter when near a fire and during night.

Spear.png Hunting

Deiaa is initially peaceful against most mobs, including other Players. However, he will notice aggro on him, and will not hesitate to defend himself, and will try to kite his enemies. He will, however, ignore mobs that are unable to reach him (such as those on the other side of the Ocean). Despite this friendly behavior, there are mobs that are an exception, which Deiaa will attack on sight, displayed below. Note that most Mobs that Deiaa is hostile towards are also hostile towards him.

Pengull.png Pengulls Pengulls are never allowed in Deiaa's base, especially during late Winter days.
Hound.png Hounds Deiaa will kite small groups of Hounds by himself, but will head to the Panic Room when facing a large pack.
Deerclops.png Deerclops Deiaa won't allow a Deerclops to even approach the borders of his base to prevent him from causing any damage to it.
Frog.png Frogs Since Deiaa can instantly kill Frogs with Blow Darts, he will attack them at range.

There are also some mobs that are allies with him, which he will always try to defend and assist, displayed below.

Pig.png Pigs Pigs are usually befriended by Deiaa for heavy fight assistance. Pigs he befriends will be wearing Football Helmets
Houndius Shootius Build.png Houndius Shootius Since Houndius Shootius turrets protect Deiaa if he's near them, and since he has only 3 of them, he will not let a single turret die.
Chester.png Chester and other followers Chester is considered Deiaa's best companion - even attempting to attack him will immediately provoke Deiaa.

He will mainly use a Dark Sword against his attackers, dealing 68 damage per hit, and will kite them by noticing their attack pattern and predicting their attacks, where he will back away from the attacker when it tries to attack, striking it back once it finishes. He can also attack fleeing enemies at range using Blow Darts, dealing 100 damage per hit. He will still dodge his enemy's attacks while attacking at range.

If Deiaa is led to Traps or Hostile mobs, he will simply go around them. If his enemy is in an area he can't reach, he will either use ranged weapons, or use a Lazy Explorer to teleport to his target. Because of this, Traps are ineffective against him.

Using ranged weapons (such as Blow Darts) works nicely against Deiaa by slowing his approach. However, after 2 hits, he will count it as a ranged fight and begin shooting Blow Darts.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Using a Telelocator Staff on Deiaa will cause him to stop attacking. After teleportation, he will use his own Telelocator Staff on himself to return to his base using its Focus.
    • This can be used to cancel a fight that has gone wrong.
  • Using The Lazy Explorer to cross the ocean will have Deiaa use a Lazy Explorer as well. However, "Bunny hopping" with the staff can help outrun him, as he likes to stay efficient with his staff usage. This can make him give up chasing earlier than he normally would, allowing an easier escape.
  • Deiaa seems to prefer not fighting Bosses or too many mobs at once by himself as he always has other mobs on his side before a heavy fight.
  • Deiaa is briefly stunned when hit. This makes it possible to 'Stun-lock' him if he gets attacked quickly enough by multiple mobs.
  • Killing Deiaa's Chester can make fighting him easier due to lack of extra resources. However, Deiaa won't let that happen without revenge - he will always track Chester's killer and continuously stalk them, attacking them by surprise whenever he gets a chance.
  • Unlike other mobs, Deiaa's weapons have durability. Therefore, his Dark Sword can break, after which he will switch to a Thulecite Club, changing his damage to 59.5. If the Club breaks as well, he will grab a Spear from his Chester if he's still alive, changing his damage to 34. If the spear breaks as well, he will use his Walking Cane to attempt to finish off his target, dealing only 17 damage. The Walking Cane doesn't break, so this is his minimum damage.
  • Due to Deiaa's initially friendly behavior, players can use him to dispatch or shake off hostile mobs chasing them by leading them near him.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Deiaa's unusually high intelligence, awareness, and largely advanced base and strategies indicates he's not controlled by artificial intelligence, but rather by a human player.