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In this guide, I will hopefully tell you how to build a base that will protect you and your friends. First, I should probably start with crazy details and how it should pretty much be, but I’m going to get right into it.


First, you're going to want to find a big empty spot. Normally found in rocky lands, grasslands, savannas, or forests, these are pretty easy to come across. Depending on the size of the base you want, you can choose very large plots of land, or maybe just that little corner you found.

If playing on Shipwrecked or Don't Starve Together, keep in mind that some monsters (ex. Hounds) can swim in the ocean, so it's recommended to build a seaside wall. It would be smart to also put sandbags along this wall, as to prevent flooding (SW).

Bases can start out like this, but eventually grow out.

After you’ve done all that, place your basic essentials using this chart. You get one point for each item and should have at least seven points.

Science Machine/Alchemy Engine Chest (1 point per chest up to 3 points) Siesta lean to(If not playing as wickerbottom) Tent(Same deal as Above) Bird Trap(1 point only) Birdcage(1 point empty, 2 points full) Improved Farm(1 point per Farm up to 3 points) Fire Pit Crock Pot (1 point per Pot up to 2 points) Drying Rack (1 point per rack up to 2 points)

Once you have these things, you can outline a room with wooden or stone walls. I prefer wooden walls because of the cheap crafting, large amount of them per materials, and actually decent protection. If you want later on, you can upgrade the walls to Thulecite or moon rock if playing DST. After that, it may be winter/summer, so exploring right now might not be good. Make sure you have enough food to survive. —————will be continued——————