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For the filter in Don't Starve Together, see Refined Materials Filter.
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Refine items are used in the construction of more difficult to obtain items, requiring large amounts of a particular resource. For example, to gain anything that requires four Boards, the player must collect 16 Logs. Eight items fall under the Refine category, or 13 in the Shipwrecked DLC. Refine Items are generally used in Tier Two recipes, such as the Alchemy Engine. Purple Gems and Nightmare Fuel are often used in the Magic recipes, such as the Shadow Manipulator. The Refine tab is not automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game but is acquired through a Science Machine.

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In the Shipwrecked DLC, the player can refine materials into Cloth, Limestone, Gold Nuggets, Coral Nubbins, Ice, and Empty Bottles in the Refine Tab.

The Hamlet DLC adds Claw Palm Saplings and Venom Glands to this tab. Additionally, it includes a different crafting recipe for Gold Nuggets.

Craftable Items

The following items can be crafted in the Refine Tab: