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Birds and Bees and Dogs that Want to Kill You

In this trailer, a teaser of Krampus appears for a couple of seconds, which at that time did not exist in the game. He can be found at 00:32, 00:18 and 00:55

Naughty and Nice

At 54 seconds of the trailer, you can see the inscription "I have more to tell you", which made it clear that there is not a big puzzle in the trailer. Comatose was the first who find it

I have more to tell you.jpg

Throughout the trailer, small strips will appear, by collecting which you could get a teaser of the spider queen. The first one who collected all the stripes into a picture and processed it was Excess.

Spider Queen teaser1V.jpg
Spider Queen teaser2V.jpg

Long Live the Queen

In the trailer for the Long Live the Queen update, at 00:07 you can see a Shovel

Shovel teaser.png

In the trailer for the Long Live the Queen update, at 00:31 and 00:45 seconds, you can see an eye with horns referring to Deerlops

Deerlops teaser1V.jpg
Deerlops teaser2V.png

Around the same time as these events, the Klei developers sent out delicious pop-up holiday cards to three people: Reddit user Excess, YouTuber Generikb and falpatrick.

Each of the cards contained music from the game, and then interrupted by Morse code. Excess on Reddit studied and found out that each card has a different Morse code, which means it is also decrypted in different ways. Excess had: LAURASI. falpatrick had: BITLY. Generikb had ATHERIA. All it refers to a link: This redirected to a secret page on the official site. The image depicts a camp in a state of ruin, with hoof-prints going through it. The accompanying sound file is entitled “It was here”. The file contains some rather unsettling sounds - after the usual backdrop of DS sounds like Wilson talking, chopping down trees, and eating food, there comes an ominous rumbling and hissing. Heavy footsteps seem to approach, and smashing sounds follow. The clue “Laurasiatheria” indicated it was to be a large mammal.

Laurasiatheria site.png


In the trailer for the Turf! sometimes a shot of 25 shots with dots or dashes cejoga collected all the dots, and after Mr Higgsbury II collected the full picture.

Trailer Turf! Chester dots and dashes.jpg
Trailer Turf! Chester.png

Spoiled Rotten

Xbnyn.lua animation.gif

The Spoiled Rotten trailer also featured dots and stripes. cejoga also found them all and put them together. It turned out the name file - "xbnyn.lua". The file found in the game files had a lot of text inside, which in the lua editor turned into an animated ASCII-animation. It was a teaser for Koalefant

Xbnyn.lua screen.jpg
Xbnyn.lua text in Spoiled Rotten.png

Music Box

Music Box screen.png

Players found a link on the official website ( that led to a page with a video ( of a person playing music. There are dots on the piece of paper that he passes through the music box, and the user cejoga tried to form a word using these dots. The first thing he posted was this picture.

Music Box attempt 1.png

It turned out that he did everything wrong, and a little later the text appeared on the page “You’ve been so kind to play along, how unfortunate your notes are wrong.” -M. The "wrong" incorrect had a hyperlink in it ( The link led to a discussion of this secret. Then, user Fat Goomba somehow corrected the picture and got this.

Music Box attempt 2.png

From this, the players received the message "BABEEEBEEFBABEEEBEEF" which referred to the addition of baby beefalo in the game.


Picture with Maxwell.png

In the trailer for the Progress update, the person gregj08 first discovered the QR code in the trailer at 2:16 seconds, this QR code introduced to the site with a picture with Maxwell ( whose mouth is closed with a zipper. Sometimes the phrase “Your eyes deceived you / I’m afraid they’ve lied” may appear briefly in the picture. / What matters most / is on the inside”. This was a clue to what to look for in the html code of the page where the phrase “Forbidden Knowledge doesn't come easy. To unzip these lips you'll need to take a long hard look inside.” The word "unzip" refers to the zip file format. After the players did some minor manipulations with the picture, turning it into a zip file, they got a picture with Wilson in which he was attacked by shadows.

Picture with Maxwell2.jpg
Maxwell page message.png
QR code Progress.png
Wilson and shagows.png


In the trailer for the "Insanity" update, shots of letters occasionally flash by. In total there are three such frames in the middle of each of which there is a yellow letter (M,A,X). On the poster for the update, you can see the inscriptions A15, M37, X83, A58. The letters from the trailer are used to form the phrase "SOON", which may have been a reference to the "A Winter's Tale" update or the "Forbidden Knowledge Trailer Puzzle"


A Little Rain Must Fall

In the A Little Rain Must Fall trailer, 25 frames with small square cutouts appear at some points. All cutouts were found by cejoga, put together by Boba2007. The result was an image of Clockwork Bishop and Clockwork Rook, which were not yet in the game at that time. At that time, they were simply called robots, due to the fact that they did not have an official name.


Doorway to Adventure

In the trailer for the Doorway to Adventure update, cejoga found all the pieces, and Avelarius put it together into a single picture. The image is of Maxwell seated on a throne with shadow arms on both sides. This image will later be used as the character's portrait in the character select menu, so it was most likely a spoiler for Maxwell being playable.

Doorway to Adventure Maxwell.jpg

The End is Nigh

In the trailer for The End is Nigh update, Boba2007 also found all the fragments and put everything together into a single picture. In the picture, Wilson takes an apple from Maxwell with a suspicious smile. An apple can act as a forbidden fruit and mean the forbidden knowledge that Wilson wants to get, and Maxwell wants to lure Wilson with the help of a forbidden fruit to the Constant.

Forbidden fruit (Apple).jpg

The End of the Beginning

At the end of the trailer for The End of the Beginning update, when Maxwell appears at the end, a strange sound is heard that players were able to decode into the link The site had an image that was a spoiler for the upcoming update line with caves. The title of the picture is "hello-down-there.png"


Don't Starve Reign of Giants poster

If you light up the Reign of Giants DLC poster, you can see a small hidden inscription in the shadows. The inscription is the word "proelium". You need to add this to the end of the link to the multiplayer version of Don't Starve and get

Edited DLC poster.jpg

This link led to a site where Maxwell and Wilson slapped each other.

Slap Fight.gif

In the code of the site, you can notice a sequence of interjections imitating the sounds of blows or a slap. Some letters are not written in italics and if you combine them, you get the word "new reign".

SLAP source code.png


  • The user who discovered the battle scene was given the status "SLAP!".[1]
  • The user who discovered the word proelium on the poster was given the status "Proelium".[2]


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  2. ailailou: "uys, guys, GUYS! I'm freaking out over here, not even a fridge full of Pumpkin Cookies could boost my sanity the way my finding just did! Take a look at this enhanced version of the wallpaper included in the latest announcement, on the upper left side to be more precise: Zoooomggg puzzle! I knew something was fishy when I saw the shadow! My sleep is no more!"