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This guide gives a list of all challenges one might attempt when playing Don't Starve (Together) in a regular game. Special challenges that require a separate game style (such as "always night" or "start in winter" belong on a separate page).

This page is under heavy construction.

You can help by:

  • Adding challenges

Don't Starve


  • Build a Shadow Manipulator.
  • Build a Birdcage and some Improved Farms.
  • Build a twig farm, grass farm, berry bush farm, Lightning Rods and Ice Flingomatics (RoG).
  • Build a Pig Village.
  • Build a lot of drying racks.
  • Build a kitchen (square of 4 crockpots, with ice boxes between).
  • Build a Respawn Point (Meat Effigy or Touch stone, with a mini base around it, containing ways to fix your hunger, sanity, health while also having enough resources to get you going again, and survive cold/heat/darkness).
  • Build a Bee Box and plant flowers around it.

Boss monsters

Other Foes


  • Explore the Caves.
  • Explore the Ruins.

Don't Starve ROG

Boss Monsters

Don't Starve Shipwrecked

Boss Monsters





Don't Starve Hamlet

Boss Monsters


  • Build the Skyworthy and go to Survival & Shipwrecked.
  • Survive Humid Season: craft a Pith Hat.
  • Survive Lush Season: craft a Gas Mask.
  • Build a complete Pig City that has every shop (both Island 1 & 2)
  • Build a Fort to deter bat attacks (or fend them off yourself)
  • Build a road network to the Pig Ruins / Calendar Ruins
  • Build 2 or more Root Trunks


  • Buy the Tam o' Shanter (for easy sanity).
  • Get all 3 Queen items (key, hammer, silly string)


  • Explore and clear the Pig Ruins (hammer the Smashing Pots, break the cracks, disarm the traps)
  • Explore the map
  • Find the Second Island (Pig Queen City).
    • Empty the palace
  • Find the Third Island (Fountain of Youth).
  • Find the Fourth Island (Aporcalypse Calendar Ruins).
  • Find the Fifth Island (let the BFB kidnap you)

Don't Starve Together

  • (TODO: add specific DST challenges here: Klaus and stuff)
  • Fight the Dragonfly (This with multiple players fairly easy, try placing walls down on the side of lava pools to avoid the Lavae.)