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( new update************) So as the title suggests, I'm quite a experienced player with WX-78. So I will talk about how to survive for long periods of times within Don't Starve but not Together as I have yet to play Together. I might update this in the future to include Don't Starve Together. So without further talking, lets talk about how you should play as WX-78.

What does WX-78 work well with?

WX-78 is very easy to play, especially once you get gears. WX-78 has a ability known as SYSTEM OVERLOAD, and when paired with a walking cane provides great amounts of speed. Gears can upgrade WX-78 as well as heal him. WX-78 can be upgraded 15 times. WX-78 can also eat spoiled and stale food without consequences, making WX-78 a good character if you somehow don't find gears for a ice box to make food spoil less. So what are his cons?

What weaknesses does WX-78 have?

One of his main Weaknesses is Rain and Spring. Lets talk about how Spring and Rain causes problems for WX-78.


During Spring it rains a lot, and most players would have got the Eyebrella from Winter. But what if one doesn't get it? Well then here's the problem, WX-78 takes damage from Rain, paired with a huge sanity drain if one is not prepared. You can survive spring without the Eyebrella or any Rain reducing affect if you ate 15 gears before (trust me I did this before when my Eyebrella got destroyed but I DO NOT recommend!!!!). Spring will most likely be the Season where WX-78 suffers the most.

How does one get gears to upgrade?

Simple. Fight Clockworks. You can increase the number of clockworks to more on settings but it is not recommended unless your experienced with Clockworks or just want a challenge. Gears can be used as heals and to restore hunger if you somehow ran out of food, but DO NOT eat them all the time as Gears are not renewable in Vanilla Don't Starve (they are in RoG but its a tiny percent to get them from Tumbleweeds). So now that we know this lets talk about what one should do to survive for a long lasting world.

Heals, Food ect.

Okay so to preserve Gears your gonna need to rely on foods for heals and healing items.

Great Healing foods

Some great foods for healing are: Dragonpie, Waffles, Pierogi, and Mandrake Soup (Mandrake soup heals god but its not worth it wasting a rare plant for soup).These are great foods to replace gears so you can use them for other stuff.


You can also use Healing Salves and Honey Poultice, but why spend time making heals when you can make foods that heal much more?

What not to do as WX-78

Okay so here are some things you SHOULD not do.

-Don't gobble all your gears or else no more Flingos

-Don't try and rely on gears when you are low health(unless your in a pinch).They have better purposes

-Don't attempt to fight clockwork bishops when you set clockworks to more, you may die and lose your world to them

-Make sure to have food on you at all times to not waste gears

-Always try and craft wetness resistance items if you didn't get the Eyebrella

Actual survival

During your first days, be nomadic as possible and avoid Bishops and Rooks if you put Clockworks on more. Gather as much materials and stone and wood for Survival. One you get enough stuff for a Science machine, make one and get a Spear and all the essentails and pre craft the alchemy engine. Once you find a good place and found as much setpieces you could, place your alchemy engine and make wood armor and the essentials. After that hunt some Pigs for materials for a ham bat, make one and start killing/finding clockworks for their gears. Once you found some and killed them, eat at least 15 gears and no more to reach max level. Then you would survive as normal like every other character. Remember to clear the area of clockworks if you set the on more.

And that's all

This is my guide for WX-78. Hope you learned something. This guide was made by Pvzfanmade.