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What this Guide Is about

Hi everyone, I'm Shelby, a Don't Starve Addict. This guide I've written will tell you how to Organizing your Inventory, your Base, and of course your precious time! What I mean by this is where to put the things in your base, what order to arrange your inventory, and a "weekly planner" of what to spend your time doing, once your done with your main base. 


I have heard many complaints and worries about one simple thing: Inventory. We all have it, and many of us just throw our things around it. But what we don't know is how useful and helpful your Inventory can be to you with only a few clicks and moving around!


Weapons in the first slots.
Torches are weapons too.

Your weapons will never, ever go in your backpack. At all times, your weapons are in your main inventory. Got that? Let's carry on. Get your best weapon, say if you live in a Savanna Turf and you love to Rock-mine, have your Pickaxe. Or if you have a nifty Forest garden in your base have your Axe first. This weapon is all up to you, and your taste. Put it in the first slot of your inventory. Carry on side by side with your most-used to least-used weapons. Now, please note to put all your highest ranked weapons first. Say, you have 3 different Axes. one is 100%, the other 74, and the third 26. Put the 100% first, just so if you need it for an important battle you can use your weapon for it's maximum use.


We all have them, no doubt (And if you don't please stop reading and collect some!). These are pretty much our Cut Grass, Twigs, Petals, Rocks and Flint. Like the weapons, put your most valuable Resource in the next few slots. Now it gets tricky—If you have grass, please put your Rope (made out of grass) next to it, so you have

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 4.34.11 PM.png

Resources of the same genre lined up: Grass//Rope, Rocks//Stone, Flint (N/A) Gold (N/A), Logs//Boards, etc. Pig Skins and everything in between will go in these few slots. This does not include Helmets, Lanterns, etc. This is only raw materials (Besides it linked counterpart, being the "Improved" version). The raw material from the raw materials, i.e. Stone Blocks/Rope). If you have too many resources, please put them in the most bottom slots of your backpack. Please only have 2 resources at the most in the bottom slots, because we will need the other 4 slots for something else.