Maxwell's Tooth Trap

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A crude attempt at tricking me.


Maxwell's Tooth Trap is a Trap found only in Adventure Mode. It is similar to a normal Tooth Trap, though it will trigger if the player and any other Mobs step on it, dealing 60 damage. It can't be picked up, and it will disappear once activated. They sit on the ground, just like a normal Tooth Trap planted by the player and are easy to see and avoid if they are watched out for.

Prototype.png Tips

  • It is better to lead some friendly Pigs to the Maxwell's Tooth Trap, as the player can eliminate the trap and get some loot from the Pig at the same time. Leading any aggressive mob for their loot is also an option.
  • Previously, it was difficult to lead Chester through such minefields, as they would damage him. However, the current Chester model cannot activate traps.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • They share the same Map icon as normal Tooth Traps.
  • Unlike the normal tooth trap's wood construction, Maxwell's Tooth Trap appears to be made of Thulecite.

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