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Wonkey DST.png
WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when transformed

Wonkey is a Hidden Internal Character exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Unlike all other characters in Don't Starve Together, Wonkey acts more as a state that players can revert to and from, replacing their previous character.

Wonkey, similar to Wilbur from Shipwrecked, has the ability to run after walking continuously for 3 seconds. While running its base speed is increased to 8 (the average value for most characters is 6), which is 33% faster than normal. Wonkey has permanent right of passage on the Moon Quay island, and will not be harassed by the Powder Monkeys on the island. Prime Mates will not attack Wonkey when it steps on their boat. The curse can be removed by giving Bananas to the Queen of Moon Quay, who will remove 4 Accursed Trinkets from the player's inventory for each Banana. Wonkey will transform back into the original character when the player has 0 Accursed Trinkets, but will still have right of passage on the Moon Quay for half a day as a result of giving Bananas to the Queen. The Curse can be removed by death, dropping all trinkets in the process, so one should keep that in mind when attempting to retrieve the items that were dropped.