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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: The Gorge icon.png The Gorge
The Gnaw, also known as the Eternal Gnaw, is a creature exclusive to the The Gorge event. It is a huge gaping mouth in the sky named after its eternal hunger. Its origins are unknown to the inhabitants of the Gorge.[1] The Gnaw demands to be fed by the residents of the Gorge, threatening them with mermification when not given enough food. The Gnaw's plague of mermification killed off most of the goats in the dimension,[2] and the remaining ones started worshipping the Gnaw.[3]

Brain.png Behavior

Interactions with the Gnaw are exclusively conducted through the Altar of Gnaw, where players snackrifice prepared dishes in exchange for coins and a delay in the Gnaw's punishment. While not directly seen in-game, the Gnaw is visible on the Hangry Meter which governs the progress of a round of gameplay. Through the Hangry Meter, players can determine the Gnaw's current mood. Its mood affects the depletion of the Hangry Meter, so it is critical for players to pay attention to it.

When the Gnaw grows more restless, it will cause minor quakes. As the Gnaw's wait for a meal grows longer, it will roar periodically, during which it causes a quake with more intensity. The time between quakes will also become progressively shorter. Once the Gnaw's mouth forms a frown, it has been left waiting for a meal for too long. At this point, the quakes will be quite numerous and the Hangry Meter will begin dropping faster.

Players can also observe what the Gnaw thinks of the dish it ate. It will look happy when it eats a dish that matches the craving, and angry when it eats a dish that does not match the craving. The Hangry Meter will drop drastically and the Gnaw's patience will be shorter when it eats the wrong dish.

If the Hangry Meter reaches its end, the round is lost and the players are transformed into Merms.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Gnaw resembles a Worm Hole.
  • Upon examining the Dilapidated Cathedral, Wickerbottom determines that the goat people did not worship the Gnaw.[4] Whether she means that they worshipped a different deity before the Gnaw or that they didn't worship the Gnaw at all is unclear. If the latter is the case, then this quote contradicts the Gnaw Worshipper Portrait Frame description which states that they started worshipping the Gnaw to earn its favor.

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  2. Gnaw Cemetery Portrait Frame description: "The lives of many goats were claimed by the Gnaw's plague. In the end, only a few remained."
  3. Gnaw Worshipper Portrait Frame description: "Many residents of the Gorge turned to worshiping the Gnaw, hoping to be spared from its terrible plague."
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