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Wilson Portrait.png
The altar is open and ready to accept offerings!


Willow Portrait.png
Why would I wanna appease the volcano? Then it wouldn't shoot fire!


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang is afraid to use.


Wendy Portrait.png
The will of the volcano flows through this shrine!


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
What shall I present it with?


Woodie Portrait.png
I feel like it wants something from me.


Maxwell Portrait.png
Do I dare play with more forces beyond my control?


Wigfrid Portrait.png
I must appease the fire god that lives inside this mountain.


Webber Portrait.png
We can feed the hungry volcano! But what does it like to eat?


Walani Portrait.png
Ready to receive...


Warly Portrait.png
It accepts offerings, I think.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Ready fer bribin'.


火山祭坛是在火山中自然生成的建筑 。它在旱季会激活,并祭出一个看起来充满岩浆的碗。它接受各种各样的物品作为祭品,其中有些可以导致"安抚"效果,而另一些会激起 "愤怒"效果。在玩家献祭时投放激怒它的物品会对玩家造成6点火焰伤害。 在被安抚后的66个周期内 (4稍微长些),它会停止接受祭品。


Volcano.png 安抚

各种物品会有不同的安抚度。 当献祭时,它会将它的安抚度转化为同数量的时间片 (一个昼夜是16个时间片) 加到下一个喷发间隔上。 负安抚度会激怒,下一个喷发会来的更快些。 例如献祭渡渡鸟羽毛可以让喷发推迟2天,而献祭黑曜石碎片会让下一次喷发提前1天。

物品 安抚度(appeasement)
One True Earring.png 64
Doydoy.png Doydoy Feather.png Mandrake.png Shark Gills.png Eye of the Tiger Shark.png Orange Soda.png Voodoo Doll.png Ukulele.png License Plate.png Ancient Vase.png Brain Cloud Pill.png Toy Boat.png Sextant.png 32
Toucan.png Seagull.png Parrot.png Parrot Pirate.png Crabbit.png Doydoy Egg.png Tallbird Egg.png Wobster.png 16
Blubber.png Butterfly.png Eel.png Egg.png Fireflies.png Dead Dogfish.png Raw Fish.png Fish Morsel.png Frog Legs.png Ham Bat.png Toucan.png Cooked Jellyfish.png Dried Jellyfish.png Mussel.png Nightmare Fuel.png Shark Fin.png Trinkets.png 8
Beard Hair.png Bone Shards.png Dubloons.png Jet Feather.png Crimson Feather.png Azure Feather.png Fish.png Jellyfish.png Dead Jellyfish.png Limpets.png Meats.png Snakeskin.png 4
Grass Suit.png Log Suit.png Straw Roll.png Beefalo Wool.png Boards.png Charcoal.png Cut Grass.png Cut Reeds.png Rotten Egg.png Cloth.png Foliage.png Guano.png Bamboo.png Vine.png Jungle Tree Seed.png Lichen.png Living Log.png Log.png Fleshy Bulb.png Mushrooms.png Bile-Covered Slop.png Palm Leaf.png Papyrus.png Petals.png Dark Petals.png Pine Cone.png Berry Bush Item.png Sapling Item.png Grass Tuft Dug.png Spiky Bush Item.png Bamboo Patch Dug.png Viney Bush Root.png Coffee Plant Dug.png Elephant Cactus Dug.png Manure.png Rope.png Spider Eggs.png Rot.png Tentacle Spots.png Forest Turf.png Twigs.png Pretty Parasol.png Tropical Parasol.png Hay Wall.png Wood Wall.png -8
Coconade.png Obsidian Coconade.png Gunpowder.png Nitre.png Obsidian.png -16


Placeholder.png 冷知识

  • The One True Earring is a reference to the Lord of the Rings. In it, the evil is conquered when the "One Ring" is cast into Mount Doom.
  • Snackrifice is a combination of words "Snack" and "Sacrifice", possibly referencing ability to sacrifice food items to the altar.
  • A debug spawned altar will be fully functional even out of the volcano, however any offering will be forgotten when entering or exiting the volcano.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • 任何通过献祭而延后的火山喷发在离开火山后有可能被“忘记”。一个例子是,玩家可以献祭一个渡渡鸟羽毛以将下一次火山喷发延后2天,但是献祭后立刻离开火山,则喷发将会在1天内发生。然而,只要留在火山内,延后喷发的献祭就一定会被“记住”,这使得火山内部成为害怕火山喷发的玩家在旱季里几乎是最好的避难所,这无疑是很讽刺的。
植物 漿果叢胡蘿蔔洞穴香蕉樹洞穴菌藻花朵 (惡魔之花, 蕨類) • 乾草叢螢光花食人花曼德拉草蘑菇蘑菇樹植物蘆葦草樹苗荊棘叢完全正常的樹
(Reign of Giants icon.png白樺樹仙人掌風滾草 )
(Don't Starve Together icon.png多汁漿果叢绿洲仙人掌枝條樹)
(Shipwrecked icon.png竹子叢智慧樹咖啡樹巨型仙人掌叢林樹紅樹棕櫚樹正常的叢林樹紅薯藤蔓 )
(Hamlet icon.png芦荟芦笋荆棘爪棕榈树布满蛛网的树奇异花朵树篱杂乱的植物 • 草坪装饰 • 睡莲荨麻藤雨林树高草丛茶树块茎树 )
生物與其居住小屋 蜂巢獵犬塚池塘豬人屋豬豬國王豬人火炬胡蘿蔔屋破舊魚屋甲殼石墩蜘蛛巢石筍蛛巢穴居猴窟兔子窩高腳鳥巢海象冰屋蟲洞
(Reign of Giants icon.png鼴鼠穴浣熊窩 )
(Don't Starve Together icon.png蚁狮Bat Cave女王蜂巢岩漿池)
(Shipwrecked icon.png螃蟹窩龍騎士巢穴龍蛋漁人屋破舊魚屋猿猴屋魚群野豬屋龍蝦巢海盗章魚)
(Hamlet icon.png粪堆虫丘 • 睡莲 • 曼德拉丘蚁丘雷鸟鸟巢城镇房屋瞭望塔 )
资源 远古雕像骨頭巨礫漂浮物墳墓竖琴雕像大理石柱大理石树麥斯威爾的雕像鱼人头猪人头遠古遺物洞口骸骨石筍岩
(Reign of Giants icon.png迷你冰川)
(Shipwrecked icon.png智慧樹木炭岩珊瑚礁木板箱殘骸火山池帽貝岩熔岩礦貽貝石灰岩黑曜石巨砾毒池沙堆焦油浮膜水墓野豬頭殘骸)
(Hamlet icon.png易碎的瓦罐小石板 )
(Don't Starve Together icon.png窪洞LakeMarble SculpturesMeteor BoulderPetrified Tree月亮孢子 )
靜止物件 遠古祭壇玄武岩留聲機坟墓麥斯威爾之門麥斯威爾之燈梦魇灯座夢魘匣鎖夢魘王座方尖碑華麗箱子Pillars沉船Suspicious Dirt PileTouch StoneThulecite Wall
(Reign of Giants icon.png咕嚕咪雕像 )
(Shipwrecked icon.pngElectric IsoscelesGunpowder BarrelKrissure石灰石墙Obsidian WorkbenchRawlingSteamer Trunk神州飛船角子機Suspicious Bubbles火山火山祭坛伍德莱格的笼子藏寶地 )
(Hamlet icon.png裂开的洞穴不老泉废墟入口秘密营地许愿井 )
(Don't Starve Together icon.png遠古寶箱遠古入口遠古壁畫遠古方尖碑華麗傳送門贓物袋月亮祭壇石窩舞台茶几可疑的大理石可疑的月石遠古哨站遠古窯遠古吊燈神祕能量)
零件 眼骨 • (Don't Starve Together icon.png星-空) • (Shipwrecked icon.png魚骨) • (Hamlet icon.png岩蛋)
(Shipwrecked icon.png木製平面傳送台草柄零件螺絲零件木製球狀零件波環零件)
暴食 Don't Starve Together icon.png 磨石 • 盐池斑点灌木糖槭树噬咬祭坛