Waterlogged (Biome)

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

To think they could grow this far out to sea!


Waterlogged is a Biome exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Waterlogged beta.


The Waterlogged Biome generates in the middle of the ocean, usually in Swell & Rough waters, though this is still up for debate. This Biome generates with thick tree trunks that hold up a canopy, known as Great Tree Trunk. If the Player(s) ram(s) a boat into a Great Tree Trunk, it will rain Twigs, Cut Grass, and Logs. Players may also find a Knobbly Tree Nut, which are attained by underwater salvage after ramming a Great Tree Trunk, using a Pinchin' Winch. These seeds can be carried, much like any of the three Suspicious Marble pieces. This Knobby Tree Nut can be "re-planted" using the very same Pinchin' Winch in any part of the Sea, which will eventually grow an Above-Average Tree Trunk anywhere on the water. Hanging in the canopy of the Great Tree Trunks are Hanging Sea Strider Nests, which spawn Sea Striders, a kind of Spider which can walk across the water, and will attack players should they pick the exclusive fruit of the Waterlogged Biome, the Fig, off of the Mossy Vines near the dens. When a Vine is picked, it will take 2-3 days to regrow its fruit. Another mob that spawns exclusively in the Waterlogged Biome is the Grass Gator, large water-dwelling mobs that act similarly to Koalefant, except they can swim in any water and can even go on land to avoid the player.