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Wilson's different stages of beard growth.

Being the default character, Wilson's Health, Hunger, and Sanity all have default values and he has no drawbacks. Overall, Wilson is meant for better Winter survival and efficiency, as well as easier access to Meat Effigies.

Wilson's main perk is his magnificent Beard. Depending on its length, the Beard provides up to 135 insulation against Freezing and can be shaved, providing Beard Hair and restoring 10 Sanity Meter.png. If Wilson is resurrected by any means, the Beard will be reset.

Below is the days it takes Wilson to grow his Beard to the next stage, along with the number of Beard Hair gained and Insulation provided with each stage.

Beard Hair
4 Days Short Beard 1 (0.25/day) 15 seconds
8 Days Long Beard 3 (0.43/day) 45 seconds
16 Days Magnificent Beard 9 (0.6/day) 135 seconds

Prototype.png Tips

  • The earliest one can build a Meat Effigy is on day 11. Shave as soon as possible for 1 hair, and shave the Long Beard for the other 3. This is not the most efficient way, but it is the quickest (outside of lowering Sanity Meter.png to hunt Beardlings).
  • Wilson keeps his Beard when he uses a Wooden Thing to move to a new world. This proves useful in Adventure Mode when "King of Winter" or "The Game is Afoot" are still to be encountered.
  • As the Beard doesn't grow longer after 16 days and the player loses it on resurrection or by changing characters, it is most efficient to shave after every sixteenth day, unless Winter is coming. In terms of gaining Sanity, shaving every 5 days will yield the best results.
  • Wilson's Beard will take exactly 15 days to grow to its full length (full length at the beginning of day 16). Since Winter starts on day 21 on default settings, the player can easily survive the cold with just a full Beard and a Thermal Stone. The Beard, unlike clothing, does not have durability and will provide insulation so long as he does not shave.
    • Wilson can still shave the Beard after four days (for one Beard Hair) and still have a full Beard by winter. It is also possible to shave after reaching a long Beard length (8 days), as while Wilson will not start winter with a full Beard, the first few days are more mild and will allow for time to grow.
    • In Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked, is advised to shave at the beginning of Summer/Dry Season due to the Beard slower the rate at which Wilson cooling.