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About the character

Full Name Wilson Percival Higgsbury
Age ≈30[1]
Born April 23, 189x.
Location Most likely United States (Most likely Ohio due to the fact that he was settled in the Wagstaff house)
Favorite Food Bacon and Eggs.png
Curio Cabinet Bio At heart Wilson is truly a man of science. It's not in his nature to resist the call of the unknown.
Motto "I will conquer this world with the power of my MIND!"
Favorite activities Science
Friends and Relatives Nanny (Associated with Mumsy), Grandmother (Associated with Victorian Blueprint)

Before Moving to a Country House

Before moving to a country house, Wilson studied at a University. However, after an unknown incident, he was sent a bill that he was unable to pay.[2] Then he bought the house of a certain scientist at an auction. Previously it was the house where Wagstaff lived. There, he discovers a variety of items in the attic including Spectoggles, "Die Walküre" and a key. In the same place, he finds a gramophone and a skeleton under the boards, which was later hung in the corner of the house to study anatomy. Pulling back the closet, he notices the safe. Opening this safe with the key, he finds a Radio RP-76 there.

Wilson house auction.png

Entering The Constant

The events of this short were later officially summarized in DST's Compendium:

"While toiling away in his home laboratory late one night, Wilson was startled to hear a voice on the radio speaking directly to him. At first he feared he'd gone mad from too many late nights of experiments and accidentally-inhaled chemical fumes, but the voice assured him that it was no mere figment of the imagination. In fact, the voice had a proposition for him: if Wilson would build a machine according to their specifications, then he would be rewarded with secret knowledge, the likes of which no one had ever seen. Casting aside his better judgement [sic] (after all, what harm could come from making a vague bargain with a mysterious disembodied voice?) Wilson threw himself into constructing the machine. When at long last it was finally completed, the gentleman scientist had a moment of hesitation... a moment that might have saved him from his impending fate, had he been just a bit stronger of will. But at the voice's insistence, Wilson flipped the switch and activated his creation... and was never seen again. Well, at least not in this world."

In 1921 [3] living in a house far from the city and being depressed, he hears a voice from the radio that tells him. From him he hears these words: "Say pal, looks like you're having some trouble! I have secret knowledge I can share with you if you think you are ready for it." Wilson agrees and then hears from the radio: "Ok Then!". After that, Wilson receives the necessary knowledge and builds the portal according to the instructions from the radio. One of the main things he did was tying up rats, driving nails into boards, adding blood to a previously made liquid. After the radio says "Excellent! Now throw the switch." Wilson has little doubt about his actions. After shouting "DO IT!" from the radio. He presses the lever, after which the portal is activated and the shadowy hands steal Wilson. After Wilson gets into the Constant. All this time, Maxwell was talking through the radio.

Wilson's Field Notes

Wilson's Field Notes are a series of blog posts written by Kevin on the (now-defunct) Don't Starve webpage. They detail some of Wilson's survival experiences, and were posted from June to July 2012. Due to the various changes the Don't Starve franchise has been through since, it's unknown if Wilson's Field Notes are canonical.

New Tools

This entry was posted on June 25, 2012.[4]

New Tools Field Note.jpg

I am a scientist, not a labourer! I’m used to probing the depths of the universe with the power of my mind, not digging holes and chopping down trees. But I’m also used to having walls and a roof, so I suppose one must make allowances for circumstance.

I should be able to put together some simple tools using the twigs and flint that litter the ground here. I may be reduced to living off the sweat of my brow, but at least I don’t have to do so with my bare hands.


This entry was posted on July 5, 2012.[5]

Beefalo Field Note.jpg

I stumbled across a herd of these brutes today while I was hunting rabbits. When one noticed me I was certain that I was a goner, but it soon lost interest and resumed eating.

The Beefalo spend almost all of their time eating. What little time they don’t spend eating they spend performing the other aspect of the digestive process. The stench of a Beefalo herd cannot be described with polite language, although the dung is quite useful in small quantities.

I’m tired of eating rabbits. Tonight I shall try hunting a Beefalo instead. Their docile nature should make them an excellent food source...

Meat Effigy

This entry was posted on July 31, 2012.[5]

Meat Effigy Field Note.png

I am in an environment much harsher than that to which I am accustomed. Everything here is trying to kill me, or eat me, or... worse. It’s almost as bad as graduate school!

If I am to survive this place, I fear I must resort to drastic measures. That’s okay, though, for I am a Scientist, and my Science is nothing if not drastic. I think that if I build a wooden effigy of myself, and fill it full of meat, I can create an insurance policy against violent death. It’s a technique that’s well-known amongst the scientific community.

Maybe I should throw in some of my beard hairs as well. It couldn’t hurt!

Wilson Reign

After a certain number of deaths and rebirths, he finds a portal similar to the one he made at home. Through it, he goes through the entire Adventure Mode. after which he meets Maxell, a prisoner in Nightmare Throne. He frees Maxwell with the Divining Rod. Maxwell frees himself, but dies crumbling to dust. After which Nightmare Throne locks Wilson on the throne.

Don't Starve Together

At some point, Charlie appears and frees Wilosn and takes his powers as the ruler of Constant. She creates a portal and sends it to one of the worlds of Constant.

Connecting Worlds

Wilson begins to go a little crazy from being alone. One day in one of the worlds, Wilson meets Maxwell who no longer has the abilities of the ruler of Constant, but has Codex Umbra. With it, Maxwell and Wilson find instructions for creating the Jury-Rigged Portal. To do this, Wilson stirs something in his bowl, ties up the crows with cobwebs, clogs the boards with stone, and adds berry juice to the previously made mixture. Ultimately, Wilson and Maxwell launch the portal. However, Wes, Wolfgang and Wendy emerge from the portal. Through this portal, they connected all the worlds of Constant. Charlie then destroys their portal and creates a Florid Postern in its place.

The Forge and The Gorge

Finding a portal in the atrium, they insert a key that sends him, as well as Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, Wigfrid and Wickerbottom to the world of The Forge. There, after defeating the Pugna warriors, they get the keys and enter the world of The Gorge. The Gorge includes Wilson, Wickerbottom and Wendy. After they have fed the Gnaws enough they get the money and the portal is up and running, after that they open the portal and get back to their world.

Wagstaff Experiment

Wilson helps Wagstaff.png

After already on ordinary land, Wilson studies the statues overgrown with roses. At this moment, he meets a Wagstaff hologram that creates some kind of portal. After that, they begin building portals in different places. Thus causing Lunar Rifts

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • From June to July 2012, a series of blog posts featured field notes written in Wilson's point of view, in which he recorded his initial experiences building tools, encountering Beefalo, and creating Meat Effigies in The Constant.
  • Kevin Forbes has described Wilson as "a person of independent means who has decided to apply his intellect, such as it is, to science," and has stated that despite identifying as one, Wilson is not a good scientist.[6]
  • Wilson's full name originates from promotional business cards Klei had made for a conference. Kevin Forbes originally wrote the name with Percival in mind for the middle initial "P".[7]
  • With the original reveal of the Forbidden Knowledge video at the end of a puzzle, Wilson is the first character to be given a backstory through a cinematic.
  • While his birthplace was never set in stone, Wilson was roughly designed as a European immigrant and perhaps one in the United States.[8]
  • An image of Wilson's face is visible in two Klei QR codes. One of them is part of a puzzle and links to an image of Maxwell, and the other is included on the tags of Don't Starve merchandise from the Klei Store and links to their main Don't Starve page.
  • Wilson is one of the five playable characters whose full name is known, the others being Maxwell, Wheeler, Wagstaff and Wendy.
  • According to Wilson's Guest of Honor skin description and quote in Don't Starve Together, he hates formal parties.
  • Wilson may have medical knowledge, as in The Forge, he is capable of reviving allies twice as fast and with more health. In his examination quote for a Peg Leg, he also claims to be capable of performing amputations. His Victorian skin depicting him as a period physician could also be a hint towards this.
  • Various quotes from Wilson show that he is obsessed with his hair. He says of a Straw Hat "Hats always ruin my hair." According to his Umbrella examination quote from DST, he doesn't like his hair getting "wet and poofy".
  • In The Gorge event in DST, a Streetlight "reminds [him] of home".
  • Judging by his examination quote for Mumsy, Wilson had a nanny.
  • Wilson's birthday is on April 23 as shown in the Compendium, the same day that Don't Starve was released.
  • Wilson stars in the licensed game Don't Starve: Newhome, which takes place in a non-canonical version of the Don't Starve universe where he remains on the Nightmare Throne, maintaining control of The Constant.
  • Sometimes a message like this may appear during the loading screen: "Wilson chose the path of an independent Gentleman Scientist after finding the university environment to be too stifling for a man of his ambitions. (The enormous bill the university sent him to pay for repairs to the chemistry lab had absolutely nothing to do with this.)",
  • To the forum question "there's art with 2 separate characters eating cup noodles, where did the cup noodles come from?" developer nome replied: "Wortox gave it to the Survivors because he thought it was cups of worms and would be a fun prank. He was very disappointed to find out it is, in fact, food. Nobody knows where he got them from."[9]
  • His quote for the Coaching Whistle implies that in his youth, Wilson had awful experiences with gym classes.


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