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The lore of the world surrounding Don't Starve has been mainly revealed through game update trailers, character examination quotes, the Adventure Mode in the base Don't Starve game, and through outside-game activities known as "Puzzles".

This guide intends to walk the reader through the lore of the universe roughly in the order that it was released and through the mediums that it was released so that the reader may experience the enjoyment of "discovering" the information themself as it was originally revealed.

First humans to the Constant

Most of the Don't Starve lore focuses around humans from the "real world" being transported to a mysterious new land known as "The Constant".

William Carter Puzzles

The earliest Don't Starve lore was revealed through text that the developers, Klei, would hide in their game update video trailers. This text in the trailers would spell out website URLS that contained images gradually telling a story of Maxwell's days before being transported to the Constant. These hidden images are collectively known as the William Carter Puzzles.

The William Carter puzzles tell the story of a man named William Carter, who would later become Maxwell.