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Icon Books.png This article may contain instructional language and subjective recommendations. Readers should read the content carefully, and follow accordingly.

There are some rules (which are more like guidelines) you should know while playing Don't Starve. If you are a beginner, this guide isn't based on tips, but more on what you should avoid doing in general. Remember that this is not telling you how to play, but rather they are guidelines to follow.

1. Don't Start a Fight you Can't Finish.

You shouldn't bite off more than you can chew. If you want to start a fight, you have to be sure you can end it. While combat is fun and all, it's more important to worry about your life. If you aren't skillful enough in taking down certain creatures, don't engage in fighting it.

2. Don't get Greedy.

If you see a bunch of loot on the ground from battles, the victors from said battle can't be far off. If you try to get in there to collect all of the loot blindly, you may find yourself low on health trying to escape. Unless you're wearing superb armor or it's life-threatening, don't risk your life just for shiny stuff. Keep in mind the Don't Starve world is hostile enough to not hand you everything on a platter.

3. Make Sure you Have a Light Source. Always.

Exploring is fun. But just in case you have to venture out from your main base of operations, you should bring spare light sources, like torches, campfires and lanterns. In case you get caught up in a fight you can't finish, or hungry animals are stalking you, and you can't return to your home, it'd be best to have spare light sources so Charlie can't attack. The night is an opportunity for many dangerous creatures, I'm sure you knew that.

4. If It's too Good to be True, it Probably is

Don't Starve has set pieces that are much like traps. Though some are helpful in any way, most set pieces are dangerous if you don't take caution. If it looks strange or out of the ordinary, take heed. Even if you come unscathed, there may still be a price to pay.